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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump trashes Hillary at the Alfred Smith Dinner

Trump not only sticks the knife in, he twists it. 

Cardinal Dolan looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable! :) 

Well done Trump, well done. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

EWTN Press Release: New Mini-series!

EWTN’s New Mini-Series Reveals
The Real Truth About ‘The Inquisition’
Debunks myths & ‘black legends'

Irondale, AL (EWTN) – Were you taught that the Inquisition was a series of events fueled by religious fanaticism and rife with cruelty and terror? If so, prepare to be surprised by the truth of what really happened. Get the facts when EWTN premieres “The Inquisition,” an original four-part docudrama co-produced by EWTN, Stefano Mazzeo, and Lux Communication.

The mini-series airs 9:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday through Saturday, Oct. 26-29. The Wednesday airing will be preceded by a special “EWTN Live” interview at 8 a.m. ET with Producer, Writer, and Director Stefano Mazzeo, and Professor Thomas F. Madden, chair of the Department of History at St. Louis University, both of whom EWTN viewers will remember from their work on a previous blockbuster mini-series: “The Crusades.”

“The mini-series features live action drama sequences and interviews with leading historians and churchman to reveal the truth about one of the most misunderstood periods in Church history,” said EWTN President & COO Doug Keck, who served as Executive Producer of the series. “There were, in fact, multiple “inquisitions” in different countries over the centuries, including the widely misunderstand Spanish Inquisition.”

Filmed on location in six European countries and beautifully scored by Chorus Salvatoris, the mini-series takes on myths and heresies that are prevalent even today – as well as the real reason Galileo got into trouble!

For example, did you know that many misrepresentations about the Spanish Inquisition were developed over four centuries ago by Protestant Northern Europe as part of a propaganda campaign against the Catholic Church? Producer Mazzeo says that Spain was the Catholic superpower of the age and the Protestant countries needed a stick with which to attack Spain and the Catholic Church in order to cement the Reformation and secure the loyalty of their converts. In other words, they needed to give people a reason not to want to be Catholic! Of course, that’s not the only reason. There was also the fact that England and Spain were locked in a battle over land in the New World, and more.

What most people don’t know is that “[t]he Spanish Inquisition was set up to deal with Jews and Muslims who were converting to gain social standing and power, not [because they believed in the faith],” Mazzeo said.

The problem is that these fake Catholics were introducing heresies and immorality into the Church. “The main reason for the Inquisition was [to help insure] that everyone would go to heaven,” Mazzeo continued, which is one reason only those who had been baptized were tried. “They did not want people to lose their souls. [Many will be surprised to learn that] while heresy was a crime punishable by death by the state, “the clerics of the Inquisition were forbidden to engage in torture or even to pronounce the death penalty!”

In fact, secular “justice” in the 16th Century was so cruel that, in England, many Catholics were being tried and executed for simply being Catholics. By contrast, in countries that had an Inquisition in place, many prisoners in secular prisons blasphemed in order to be transferred and tried by Inquisitors because they were much more lenient.

Yet myths about Spanish torture and cruelty – which the Spanish called “the black legend” – abound. So how did the black legend get started? Those expelled from the country for infiltrating the Church with their heresies began to use the printing press to write lies about the Spanish. Today, Mazzeo said, new "black legends" are being created by the modern secular media and some are still aimed at the Catholic Church.

“The way Pope Pius XII is treated is a black legend,” Mazzeo said. “The Crusades was a black legend of the Enlightenment period. Today, militant secularists create black legends that the Church is anti-women. For example, the witch craze hysteria that swept Protestant Northern Europe in the Early Modern Era saw thousands of women being executed on hearsay of or the testament of a jealous neighbor. In Catholic countries, where the Inquisition was in place, if someone was accused of things like sleeping with the Devil or flying, the Inquisitors became very skeptical; they were university-trained canon lawyers and theologians!"

When EWTN asked Mazzeo to create a mini-series about the Inquisition for EWTN, he said, “I wanted to look into why this has such a bad reputation. Why can’t people see it for what it really is? What surprised me was how in favor of the Inquisition I became.”

Please take note of this series and share it with your friends. It’s television worth seeing!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Another day, another scandal from our Holy Father Pope Francis

Pope Francis has once again scandalized faithful Catholics.

Pope Francis calls woman with sex-change operation a ‘man’ and calls partners ‘married
Quote: Despite the Vatican’s assertion that a so-called sex-change surgery does not alter the sex of a person, Pope Francis has nevertheless chosen to refer to a woman who underwent a sex-change operation as a “man,” and also referred to her as having “married” another woman and admitted to receiving them in the Vatican last year.
As with most of his most controversial remarks, the statements came during an in-flight press scrum. On October 2, on his return flight from his papal visit to Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Pope referred to a woman who “felt like a man” but “was physically a young woman.” After a sex-change surgery in her twenties, Pope Francis said, “he got married.”

Read the full story:

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Louie Verrecchio takes flight?

We've got a bad pope. 

There is no denying. 

Some Catholic media outlets won't say it publicly but they know it just like the rest of us who aren't ostriches. 

For example [there are so many to pick from] a pope who says hell is not eternal because any soul that has been damned will be destroyed, is speaking heresy. 

This is wrong because 1) damnation is eternal, 2) souls are not destroyed they are eternal, and 3) this is a basic teaching of the Holy Catholic Church that must be accepted and believed because Jesus Christ himself stated such in Sacred Scripture (Matthew 25:46). 
Catechism: 1035 The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, "eternal fire." 617 The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs.
Catechism: 2089 Incredulity is the neglect of revealed truth or the willful refusal to assent to it. "Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same; apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith; schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him." 11
That said, we, the faithful (key word here) should not abandon ship. 

Our first pope, Saint Peter was corrected by Saint Paul when he was in error, he accepted the correction and that was that, as the saying goes. 

Pope Honorius I, believed that Christ had only Divine Will (Monothelitism) during his time as pope. He pushed and taught this heresy through out his papacy and many followed and believed him- perhaps because...well, he was the pope!  

They ignorantly thought that a pope could change the Faith and go against centuries of Sacred Teaching. They were wrong, and those who did not repent paid the ultimate price for it.  Excommunication and death outside the Salvation found in Christ's Holy Catholic Church. 

Pope Honorius I was not condemned as a heretic for decades AFTER his death during the Third Council of Constantinople.  Yet he was pope and the Church did not collapse or self destruct because he blathered heresy. What did happen was he created a following of a bunch of heretics who like himself were eventually excommunicated. To those of you out there swallowing the heresies of any Catholic clergy, open your eyes. Your very salvation depends upon it.

Sadly, there were others like Honorius I in the history of our Church and unfortunately, there may be more in the future. Had Honorius I accepted correction, he would not have died an excommunicated heretic. 

Now we have Pope Francis, preparing to another excommunicated heretic who died outside the Church. Martin Luther. 

Will Pope Francis accept correction (see yesterday's post HERE) before he dies and is (in my opinion) declared a heretic by some future council? I certainly pray and hope so. 

Mr. Louie Verrecchio apparently disagrees with me on this -or am I reading this wrong? [my apologies if I'm reading this wrong] 

Over at in his "Pope or Anti-pope: Does it matter?" post, Mr. Verrecchio wrote the following... 

Quote: Even so, let’s consider some of the arguments being floated to this end:A future pope will have to sort this mess out for us; we are unable.
The Church is mired in an unprecedented crisis that has been festering for more than five decades now.
In such an environment as this, it is entirely unreasonable – irresponsible even – to simply sit back and wait for a new conclave to elect an intrepid defender of the Faith who will right the ship and set the record straight. I mean, let’s face it, folks – the papabile talent pool is no more than ankle deep at this point.
Rest assured, Our Lord is not asking us to set aside our intelligence and ability to reason in this matter; on the contrary, we need to make use of these God-given gifts all the more in the absence of true shepherds.[clipped] 
My response is, look at previous councils!  This is how the Church works and has always worked. The Third Council of Constantinople- decades after Pope Honoriuos I's, death declared him a heretic and his teachings heretical.  This might very well be the case with Pope Francis himself should he refuse correction. 

So what do we Catholics do when we have a current pope speaking heresy and commemorating heretics? 

Mr. Verrecchio in his post says we have two options, "fight or flight"... 
It’s “fight or flight.”
In the face of this unprecedented attack on the Petrine ministry, the “visible foundation” of the Church, some Catholic commentators will flee, and it must be said that flight has its rewards. Others will dig in and fight, which is always carried out at a cost.
I choose the latter.[end]
Again I ask, am I reading this correctly? 

I hope he means 'fight'...but if he means 'flight'!

Flight? Flight to where? Mr. Verrecchio does not elaborate- and after re-reading this a few times I am admittedly unclear as to which "latter" he is referring to. That said, my response stands for all who are considering "flight"- that is not an option for Catholics!

We do not take flight.  We are the church militant on earth. We fight! We stand with the teachings handed down to us from the Church.  We reject heresy- even when it comes from a pope. 

What we never do is take flight from Christ's Holy Catholic Church.  

We are not cowards. Our Lord is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Holy Catholic Church is His Church and as such we must cling to Her regardless of who is pope or what heresy might come from his lips. 

There is no where else to go folks. Please don't fear a heretical pope. Cling to your Faith as it was handed down to you over the centuries. Popes come and popes go. We have good ones, we have great ones and occasionally we have heretical ones. 

Do not take flight. Fight. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

***Addition: I truly hope that Mr. Verrecchio means "fight" and not "flight". My message in this post remains to those who have or are thinking of taking "flight" from the Church.*** 


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