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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another google-eyed Catholic ignoramus caught by the spell of Pope Francis' deadly words

Who am I to judge? Strikes again. 

Has a pope uttered a more damaging question in all the history of the Church?  

Perhaps.  But not in my lifetime. 

Fr. Ronald Victor, no stranger to controversy in the Catholic Church (here and here) has jumped on the Pope Francis bandwagon using "who am I to judge?" as the means to give Holy Communion to gay "married" couples in his parish.  He's also offered to privately bless gay unions/"marriages" if gay couples wish it. 

Last summer, Fr. Victor's gay nephew was "married" by a protestant minister (much to Fr. Victor's dismay and anger over not being able to officiate the "marriage" himself inside a Catholic parish).

In the Christmas issue of the Naples Daily News newspaper, Fr. Victor's gay nephew and his gay "spouse" were featured in a ridiculous article entitled "How a married gay Catholic Couple live their faith".  

In case I need to point out the obvious here, they are NOT "living their faith" at all because the Catholic Faith calls homosexuals to CHASTITY and refuses gay couples the Sacrament of Marriage because there is no such thing as a gay "marriage".  It simply does NOT exist in the Catholic faith.  

The ridiculous article gets more ridiculous with the heretical priest boldly proclaiming his heretical beliefs about gay marriage and giving Holy Communion to "married" gay couples, afterwhich he then uses Pope Francis' own words as proof he's allowed to hold such heretical beliefs. 

article quote: [Father] Ron Victor said he was moved by the wedding ceremony, and at the same time, "a little angry and a little disappointed that we couldn't do it in a church where I could have officiated."
He said he believes many priests would be open to blessing same-sex unions, although "they can't be real public with that."
Ron Victor said he's comfortable being public with it now. Through his priesthood, he said he has tried to practice what Pope Francis so poignantly and pointedly captured with his famous observation about gay Catholics.
The priest said he doesn't know the transgressions or every sin of all who present themselves for Communion. "As long as they're seeking God, who am I to judge," said the priest, citing the pope's memorable expression.
With scandalizing priests like this leading people into Hell and away from God, I was not surprised at all by the position the family of the gay man took when they stated if the choice is faith vs family, they will choose family.  

article quote: "The church calls gay sex "intrinsically disordered" because it cannot result in procreation. Yet Ron Victor said the caring, monogamous relationship between his nephew and Molina-Duarte "reflects God's love."
"While it's not necessarily life-giving in a biological way," said the priest, "it's life-giving in other ways."
Other members of the couple's families agree.
Lennie Victor, Bryan's father and Ron's sibling, said he's never heard his brother the priest "tell people how they should behave or what they should believe."
"If the church makes you choose between your family and your faith," said Lennie Victor, of him and his wife Maureen, "I guess we voted for family."

In other words "Man or God?" and they have chosen mere men over God Almighty in Heaven.  And they still have the cojones to call themselves Catholic.   

Let's be clear here, they have just chosen eternal hell with their own free will and they seem quite pleased with it. 

What an utter and complete failure Fr. Victor is.  His duty as a priest is to bring people to our Lord for eternal salvation, what Fr. Victor has helped in doing is lead people away from Jesus Christ and point them in the direction of eternal hell. 

The ignorance is certainly not limited to the Victor family.  The gay "spouse" Molina-Duarte's mother, a CATHOLIC volunteer worker here in Connecticut has apparently been honored by the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut. 

The "best wedding" she's ever been to is a mortal sin ridden protestant heretical event?  Seriously? 

The only thing I can say to that is she is yet another google-eyed Catholic ignoramus caught by the spell of Pope Francis' deadly words.  

After all mortal sin is deadly.  And homosexual relationships are mortal sin according to Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, regardless of any off the cuff remarks a pope makes. 

It gets worse.  When the Archdiocese was asked if Archbishop Vigneron could comment on two gay men getting "married" and a priest wishing to bless their union, "Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron said through a spokesman that he couldn't comment for this story without knowing more specifics about the men.


An Archbishop of Christ's Holy Catholic Church needs "more specifics" than "two gay men getting married" to make a comment?  He couldn't even grunt out a quote from the catechism on the subject?  His mind had a brain fart?  Does this happen often?  Or just when the subject of homosexuality comes up?

If that weren't all bad enough, the ripple effect continues.  On January 2, Naples Daily News paper printed this:  
Timothy MacGeorge, Bonita Springs
Catholicism and LGBT
"Thank you for publishing the story "How a married gay Catholic couple live their faith" (on Christmas weekend, no less) and sharing it with a broader readership.
Many of us more intimately aware of the intersection between Catholicism and LGBT life already know that the church, like the world in which we live, is coming (albeit slowly) to recognize that the love between God's gay and lesbian children is neither better nor worse than the love between straight persons.
God's creation is more expansive and more inclusive than any one person can imagine.
When I was ordained a priest more than 25 years ago, gay and lesbian Catholics were still very much closeted and out of sight. Today, and with all due respect to seminary Professor Janet Smith (the theologian quoted in the article), I have every confidence that once the church and her leaders actually grapple directly with the incomplete theology underpinning the church's teaching on human sexuality, they will see that there is room within that theology to recognize that the love shared by gay and lesbian couples is just as sacred and divinely blessed as that of other couples." [end quote] 

Where are the true and official teachings of the Church?  Where are the priests who will actually teach them to the sheep?  With false heretical shepherds surrounding the sheep on every side leading them to hell with false teachings WHO will bring them the truth?  

The Gospel is not being preached to these people and no one in the Church seems to care.  Not even the current pope.  

God have mercy on His people and send us true shepherds to guide and lead us to Christ and eternal salvation.  We've been led by demons for far too long.

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


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