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Saturday, October 12, 2019

St Gregory Purgatorial Society High Mass event

Dear Friends,

The Annual Mass for the members of the St Gregory Purgatorial Society will be on Saturday, November 2, at 11 a.m. at St Stanislaus Church (New Haven). It will be a Solemn High Mass.

The enrollment of our beloved family and friends in the Purgatorial Society is an act of love and hope. As we know from the revelation of Sacred Scripture: nothing unclean can enter Heaven and enjoy the Beatific Vision.

The Souls in Purgatory need our help to get to Heaven. We can do this my enrolling the names in the Purgatorial Society for November 2nd. Each First Friday of the year the Souls are remembered at the 8:00 a.m. Mass and in the rosary. This is an annual enrollment from November to November.

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die …” – John 11:25-26


Paul A. Zalonski
Catholic Connecticut
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Friday, October 4, 2019

Connecticut Catholic Event this Sunday

Rosary Sunday, October 6, 3pm

On Sunday, October 6, at 3pm, join the Dominican Nuns of Our Lady of Grace Monastery for Solemn Vespers and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the praying of the Holy Rosary. There will be a procession to the Fatima Grotto. 

Fr. Henry Hoffman, pastor of St. Jude Church, Monroe, CT, will preside and preach.

Our Lady of Grace Monastery, 11 Race Hill Road, North Guilford, CT.

Paul A. Zalonski
Catholic Connecticut
255 Foxon Hill Road
East Haven, CT 06513-1216 USA


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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Update...on my health

After 15 days in the hospital I am now home recovering from gall bladder surgery. 

Ate solid food for the first time yesterday since July! 

Was so weak couldn't focus my eyes and was difficult to even speak! 

Lost well over 30+ pounds. 

I want to thank each and every single one of you for the prayers, novena's and daily thoughts on my well being. You just don't know how much I appreciate those prayers and how much you all have touched my heart. And thank you to Mary Katherine for posting some updates in the comments.

Thank you and God bless each and every one of you. 🙏

In Christ,


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Personal post on my health...its not so good

Greetings in Christ to all my blog readers. 

Some of you who follow me on Twitter know a while back I mentioned I was sick and asked for prayers. Thank you. 

I am still sick. 

I have not been able to eat solid food since July 27th. 

I have been living on 6 spoons of broth per day along with water and some ginger ale. Literally, that is all I am able to do. I can't even eat a cup of Jello or pudding- nothing. My stomach will not tolerate any solids.

I've been to the hospital, my doctors and a specialist. They haven't figured it out yet. 

I am scheduled to have a scope put down my throat into my stomach on the 29th of this month, but to be honest I don't think I am going to make it that long unless I see some improvement very soon. 

As I write this, I am contemplating just going back to the hospital as I am so very miserable with 24/7 nausea. It never leaves me, in spite of the assorted drugs doctors have given me. Some of those drugs I have had horrid side effects from. 

I have never been so sick in my life. I am losing weight at the rate of 1 pound a day. 

I am asking for prayers. If you would please take a moment and send up a prayer for me I would be ever so grateful and appreciative. 🙏

Thank you all. 

God bless 


Monday, August 5, 2019

Mass shootings

I feel sick and heart broken every time I hear of another mass shooting. 

I don't know how to stop it. 

I don't believe removing guns is the answer, and I know messing with the 2nd Amendment would be detrimental to our nation. 

All we have to do is look at places in the world where the people aren't allowed to arm themselves and see that those governments sooner or later take complete control. Socialism, communism, dictators...etc. We don't want this in the United States.

Governments are corrupt...the moment the people no longer have the right to arm themselves to fight back against their governments is the moment that the people of the nation lose their rights and the government takes over. 

My own thoughts on these shootings is that several facts play a part, not just one. Gun's don't shoot people, people pull the trigger and kill people.

We know mental illness plays a part in many of these tragedies. I fully support laws that remove guns from people who show a potential to harm themselves or others (Gifford's shooter & the movie theater shooter, etc). 

It's also my opinion that the moment we legalized abortion and now in many states we've legalized euthanasia, that we told society 'life has little to no value'. Human beings have become disposable. 

Then add entire generations of kids growing up playing violent video games where to 'win' the game, you must kill the most people. These games are nothing like the games I had as a kid. 

Add decades of multi-million dollar movies, making guns and explosions fun and exciting. Kids absorbing all of this as normal. It's amazing to me that society worked so hard to remove smoking from movies and television shows because it influenced viewers to smoke, yet no one seems to think that watching mega amounts of violence might have the same effect on some people. 

Now toss in today's television that is packed with pornographic images and scenes, and we have warped the minds of children and adults alike. What is "normal" in media today would have been illegal and shocking decades ago.

12. Frequent exposure to violence in the media can be confusing to children, who may not be able to distinguish readily between fantasy and reality. At a later stage, violence in the media can condition impressionable persons, especially those who are young, to regard this as normal and acceptable behaviour, suitable for imitation.
And most of all, add in the fact that God has and is, being removed more and more from places where God once held a place. Even in churches we hear more about social issues and the environment than we do about God and how life is precious. Prayers have been removed from schools, government assemblies, courts and sadly homes. 

Remove God and you make room for the devil.

Until our society turns to God and begins living decent moral lives, I don't see the end to mass slaughter of innocent people or an end to violence in our communities and homes. 

We need God. 

On August 15 on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the 54 day Rosary for the nation begins. If you weren't planning on joining, please reconsider. 
"The time is now to call upon God, through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, to heal our country and return it to holiness.
This is a nationwide prayer campaign called the “Novena for Our Nation.” Everyone from around the nation is encouraged to join ranks as, united, we pray the very powerful 54 Day Rosary Novena from the Feast of the Assumption on August 15 to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7.
We continue to live in peace-less times with laws and court rulings in conflict with God’s laws; especially the disregard for the rights of the unborn, elderly and weak in our society and the attacks on marriage and family values. Society and many levels of government continue to demonstrate intolerance towards biblically based religious belief and practice. In conflict with First Amendment constitutional rights, persecution of traditional religious expression has reached historically high levels. We are in a Spiritual Battle.
We are called upon to help turn our country back towards God. We will accomplish that through prayer; prayer that can change hearts, change families, change our communities and change our country. There is no stronger weapon in this Spiritual Battle than the Rosary."

May God help us all.

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Church Militant, Father Perrone and Opus Bono


When I first saw the AP report about Opus Bono, I thought the good folks at Church Militant would be hurt to hear these reports about Fr. Perrone whom they'd defended time and time again. 
AP: "For 25 years, the Rev. Eduard Perrone presided there. Inside the church, commonly known as Assumption Grotto, glossy Opus Bono brochures tout the pastor’s role as the group’s co-founder and spiritual lifeblood. Stern and imposing, the 70-year-old Perrone is a staunch conservative; he refused to marry couples, for example, if he thought the bride’s dress was too revealing.
Earlier this month, his parishioners were shocked when Perrone was removed from ministry after a church review board decided there was a “semblance of truth” to allegations that he abused a child decades ago. Perrone told the AP that he “never would have done such a thing.”
In the years before Perrone helped start Opus Bono, he and Assumption Grotto took in at least two priests who had been accused of sexual misconduct at dioceses in other states. One of them later admitted to molesting as many as 50 children in the 1980s and ’90s, according to court documents in Texas. In 1999, Perrone welcomed the other priest — a West African clergyman named Komlan Dem Houndjame — to come work at Assumption Grotto. Two years later, Detroit Archdiocese officials say, they asked Houndjame to return to his home country, Togo, after learning of accusations of sexual misconduct against him in Detroit and at an earlier posting in Florida.
Instead he went to a treatment facility in St. Louis.
In 2002, Detroit police charged him with sexually assaulting a member of Assumption Grotto’s choir.
The 48-year-old parishioner who accused Houndjame of rape said Perrone’s response was to protect the church, testifying in court that he told her, “Just walk by him and ignore him.
Perrone responded to the charges against Houndjame by asking the congregation to support the priest in his time of crisisJoe Maher was among those who were moved by Perrone’s plea for help."
I, in good faith to CM, assumed CM knew nothing of Perrone's involvement as they have written articles on Opus Bono over the years here in 2018 and here in 2019 without mentioning Perrone's involvement- particularly that Perrone is one for the founders of Opus Bono, at all. Either they didn't know or they hid that fact. I sincerely hope they did not know.

At this point, I honestly thought they would be feeling a terrible betrayal by a priest they trusted, believed in and supported. I know how betrayal feels, and it sucks. 

But Church Militant doesn't appear to feel betrayed at all. Instead they are continuing to defend Fr. Perrone. 

Perhaps this is all so unbelievable to them that they are in complete denial and refuse to even entertain the possibility that any of this could be true about Perrone. We've all been there when we hear something unpleasant about someone we care about and trust, our first instinct is "No way!". We don't want to believe someone we trust and look up to could be something other than what we believe them to be. (flashbacks of Fr. John Corapi for me) 

Or maybe CM knows something we don't. That is a very good possibility because they have said time and again that they get information that they cannot publicly share. 

Having just listened to Father Perrone talk about his involvement with Opus Bono (41:55 mark) on the recording mentioned in the AP article, he doesn't sound to me to be "kept in the dark" about all that Opus Bono was doing, though he admits that by 2013 (the time of this recording) he is less involved than when he first help found Opus Bono. 

But then there are the tweets...

Read Mary Rose Maher's story here.

And then we are right back to the archdiocese removing Perrone for "a credible allegation of abuse of a minor".

This leaves me completely bewildered by CM's response in light of their quick decree of "guilty" in the Father McLucas case- declaring him a "sexual predator" and attacking the SSPX for "defending a sexual predator", which I talked about in my last blog post

After seeing the AP report, I had honestly planned on writing an entirely different blog post. A post about not kicking Church Militant when they were down or gloating (thinking this betrayal would be a knife in the back). But CM is not down, they are still riding their steeds on the battlefield like knights defending Perrone to the end it seems. 

Again, I am bewildered by this response after reading for so many years Church Militants amazing news reports exposing clergy abuse everywhere in the Church. They never held back...until now, or so it seems.

My last comment on this is to remind us all that the wolves in sheep's clothing (predator priests) are very good at deceiving the faithful. They live among us, they befriend us, they earn our trust all the while devouring the flock from within and working to destroy the Church anyway they can. 

God bless and help us all to see the wolves among the shepherds. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Friday, July 26, 2019

Church Militant asks me to tell them where they went wrong

Twitter with its space limitations and Church Militant with its comments closed on all things SSPX has prompted me to write this post in response to a tweet from Church Militant requesting me to "tell us where we're wrong". 

Full disclosure, I am a paid subscriber to Church Militant and think they do great work. I have defended them and Michael Voris numerous times over the years because I believe in the work they do -HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

I don't always agree with them 100%, but pretty close. When I disagree, I say so - HERE and HERE and HERE for example. Today is another one of those times.

It all started here ( with an article shared by Catholic Family News responding to a Church Militant article entitled "Is the SSPX sheltering a Sexual Predator?"

After watching Christine Niles headline news report on this and seeing the Catholic Family News' SSPX response to CM's article I tweeted the following... 

Church Militant didn't seem to like my response and a bunch of tweets followed leading to me writing this post. 😒

The standard is my main issue with the articles. So lets back up a bit.

On July 8 of this year, CM wrote an article defending Fr. Eduard Perrone who "has been temporarily restricted from any public ministry due to a credible allegation of abuse of a minor pending the outcome of a Church process".
CM writes: "A priest of the archdiocese of Detroit is categorically denying claims that he abused a minor.
Father Eduard Perrone, longtime pastor of Assumption Grotto, with a reputation for orthodoxy and promoting the Traditional liturgy, was temporarily placed on leave following a single allegation the archdiocese has deemed "credible."
"In guidelines published on February 21, Pope Francis lists 21 points by which he recommends all sex abuse investigations should be handled.
Point number 14 states:
The right to defense: the principle of natural and canon law of presumption of innocence must also be safeguarded until the guilt of the accused is proven. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the lists of the accused being published, even by the dioceses, before the preliminary investigation and the definitive condemnation." 
Now here's the rub, CM does to Fr. James McLucas exactly what they are upset about happening to Fr. Perrone. This is the double standard so many Catholics on social media are seeing-myself included. 

CM's articles on Fr. Perrone show him in a shining light as a wonderful priest, etc, etc, even giving a link to a fund raising campaign to help Perrone. (links below). 

Now maybe Perrone is completely innocent. 
I hope he is. 
But just as possible is that Fr. McLucas is also innocent. 

Does Fr. McLucas not have the same right to "presumption of innocence" as Fr. Perrone? 

The CM article about Fr. McLucas who is NOT an SSPX priest, but rather "...a diocesan priest who occasionally helps the Society of Saint Pius X", has an entirely different tone than the articles CM wrote about Fr. Perrone. 

In these articles you won't see any compliments or links to fund raising for Fr. McLucas. Instead, you will get articles that seem (to me), to convict McLucas of all charges and paint the SSPX as a haven for sex abusers. 

This in my opinion, is slanderous- and for the record I don't personally even know anyone who belongs to the SSPX and I've never even seen a SSPX parish. I have no reason to defend them other than this just seems wrong to me. 
CM writes: "With stories of the sexual misdeeds and the cover-ups perpetrated by modernist clergy an almost daily occurrence, it is easy to overlook the fact that the indulgence now being shown towards the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) by Church authorities can allow priests suspended from ministry on account of sexual immorality to function under the cover of quasi-legitimacy should they choose to associate themselves with the renegade organization." 
"Suspended from his priestly functions by the archdiocese of New York, McLucas turned to the SSPX, with which he was working by October 2016. For a conservative clergyman guilty of sexual misbehavior to go off into a "traditionalist" apostolate of a disobedient or schismatic nature is not unusual, but those doing so have tended to established so-called "independent chapels" operating under no authority but their own."
Anyone else notice the snide tone? That is my second issue with CM's reporting on this. Why are they always so nasty to the SSPX? 

Church Militant appears to have a real hatred for the SSPX and I honestly don't understand it. The Catholic Church does not share CM's view of the SSPX. 

Moving on...Church Militant's second article defending Fr. Perrone is entitled "MORE THAN 50 ALTAR BOYS VOUCH FOR TRADITIONAL DETROIT PRIEST" ! Again, they come charging to his defense like knights on a battlefield. 
CM writes: "More than 50 altar servers are vouching for the moral integrity of Detroit's Fr. Eduard Perrone, placed on leave after a single 40-year-old allegation of abuse arising from a "repressed memory." The longtime priest, known for his orthodoxy and promotion of traditional liturgy, as well as his attempts to expose the homosexual priestly network in Detroit, was placed on leave July 5 by the archdiocese of Detroit. It issued a letter explaining his removal the same day, while leaving out any mention that Perrone categorically denies the allegation and maintains his innocence. Since then, 51 men who at one time served as altar boys for Fr. Perrone have signed affidavits testifying to his character."
Church Militant's second article on the SSPX is entitled: "SSPX DEFENDS SEXUAL PREDATOR" 
CM writes: "In response to James Baresel's July 24 article titled "Is the SSPX Sheltering a Sexual Predator?" published on Church Militant, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has issued a response accusing Church Militant of "slanderous" information about the priest in question.
The subject involves Fr. James McLucas, a diocesan priest whom the SSPX admits "occasionally helps the Society of Saint Pius X." 
McLucas was sued in 2012 by a young woman, Maureen Nysewander, who alleged he took sexual advantage of her when she was seeking counseling from him for a serious eating disorder and self-esteem problems.
In spite of the SSPX's defense of this priest, McLucas has never denied that he engaged in sexual relations with her."

1) CM has declared Fr. McLucas "a sexual predator"- something they did not do with Fr. Perrone whom the archdiocese claims has a "credible allegation of abuse of a minor" against him. 

2) The second articles are full of "allegedly" and "reportedly" stories that always show McLucas in a bad light, while the same "allegedly" and "reportedly" stories in the Perrone articles put the sex abuse victim in the bad light, while Perrone is pure as the driven snow. Again, he might be, but the stories of the two priests are being reported with a double standard. One is automatically presumed innocent, the other automatically presumed guilty. 

3) No where in the SSPX's statement do they EVER "defend sexual predators" - their statement actually condemns sexual predators. 

From the SSPX press release
Protection of All - The Society of Saint Pius X is committed to protecting all minors and vulnerable adults and to cooperate fully with civil and ecclesiastical authorities. In addition, we are committed to both helping victims as well as those that are accused. We do not unduly assume the role of judge and leave any investigation to the proper authorities.
From our internal policy on these matters:
Our commitment includes the protection of children (i.e. minors), and vulnerable adults from harm, and the protection of workers from false allegations...We provide individual care and counsel both for the abuse victim and his/her family...The accused is to be treated with dignity and respect. Clergy will seek opportunity to provide individual care and counsel both for the accused and his/her family until the investigation is completed. 

If Church Militant doesn't or won't see their own double standard here that's on them. 

I've answered their request to me to tell them where I believe they were wrong in their reporting.  

While CM has closed their comments on this subject, my comments are open to all- even the SSPX.😉 Have at it. Let me know what you think about all of this mess. 

God bless.🙏 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Updated to add the PA Grand Jury quote about Fr. McLucas


Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Bachelorette reminds me of how grateful I am to be Catholic

I have watched several seasons (not all) of The Bachelor/Bachelorette on and off over the years. I am not watching this season however because I did watch the previous season where viewers were first introduced to Hannah Brown whom in my opinion is about as intelligent as a bag of rocks and more boring than watching grass grow. 

Try as I might to avoid Brown, a tweet on Twitter from Pat Robertson's CBN caught my eye. 

Hannah Brown, the "Christian" single woman having sex and looking for a husband on ABC's reality show "The Bachelorette" has declared "I am having physical relationships," and "The Lord made sex to be amazing!"

Apparently, this self professed Christian believes fornication is perfectly acceptable to our Lord because, get this, "I can do whatever. I sin daily, and Jesus still loves me. It's all washed, and if the Lord doesn't judge me and it's all forgiven, then no other man, woman, animal -- anything, I don't know! -- can judge me!"

I've heard this before years ago when I first became Catholic and protestant "friends" on social media were trying to talk me out of being Catholic. They attempted to correct me about going to Confession for my sins by telling me "It's all washed!". Poof! the moment Jesus died on the cross all my sins past, present and future were already washed away so I could sin daily and not worry about it. No need to repent. 

To this day it shocks me that people who claim to love Jesus feel their sinning is harmless and acceptable to God because Jesus loves them. Brown doesn't deny fornication is a sin, she just justifies her sin by saying "Jesus loves me" and "the Lord doesn't judge me". Where in the world did she get that from? 

She is shocked by the responses she is getting from the Christian world after she went naked bungee-jumping with one of the bachelors on the show competing for her hand in marriage. 

I don't know what denomination Hannah belongs to, reports merely describe her as "a devout Christian". 👀🤦 Whoever is 'teaching' her about Christianity is either confused or diabolical and purposely leading her toward Hell rather than Heaven. 

What part of Christianity teaches naked bungee-jumping is appropriate at any time- let alone with two people who barely (no pun intended) know each other while a film crew records it and millions of viewers watch? Or that suddenly fornication is acceptable to God because Jesus loves us? People often forget that the woman found in fornication about to be stoned to death (John 8:3-11) was told to "sin no more" by Jesus. He didn't tell her "Hey, you can continue fornicating because I love you, it's all good." Rather he called out her sin and told her to stop. Same with the invalid at the pool (John 5:1-15) when Jesus said to him, "Behold thou art made whole: sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee."
Quote: She [Hannah Brown] told ET she feels "blessed" that producers decided to showcase Christianity on her season. "A lot of times, people get Christianity and religion messed up. Your faith should be something personal in a relationship and it's not to judge others," the Alabama native expressed. "Christianity is something you welcome others into. It should be a place where people feel safe and welcomed... and not to feel judged or shamed."
The irony of that statement. 🤦

Besides my frustration at this type of attitude I am mostly angry. I was really, really angry when I found the Truth in Catholicism because at that moment I knew that almost everything I thought I knew about Christianity was a lie. I had been lied to, my non-Catholic family had been lied to for generations and so many of them died in those lies. Makes me mad- furious really. 

I pray daily for the conversion of sinners. I pray for the blind to see because once not too long ago I was one of those blind idiots stumbling around in protestantism thinking just because I loved Jesus I was saved and had nothing to fear or worry about. I was a fool. I had been fed lies and believed them.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers and bringing me home to your Holy Catholic Church. I am ever so grateful. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Scapular of the Sacred Heart

Of the more recent scapulars, one of the most cherished is the Scapular of the Sacred Heart, to which the pilgrimages have given a great impulse. It may be said to have originated with the Holy Father, Pope Pious IX, himself. A Roman lady of great piety having made a scapular of this kind, presented it herself to the Sovereign Pontiff. 

Taking it in his hand, he reflected for a moment, and then said: “Madame, this is a thought from heaven;” and, after a little further reflection, he added: “With all my heart I bless this little Heart, and I will that all those which may be made after this model, shall receive my blessing, without it being necessary for any other priest to give it. Moreover, I will that in no ways shall the devil have power to hurt those who shall wear this little Heart.” 

He then directed the following prayer to be written, and to be used especially in time of calamity: 
“Open to me Thy Sacred Heart, O Jesus! Show me its charms, and unite me with it forever; may every breath and every pulsation of my heart, which cease not during my sleep, be to Thee a testimony of my love, and say to Thee unceasingly; ‘Yes, Lord, I love Thee.’ Accept the little good I do; grant me grace to repair my evil ways, that I may praise in time, and bless Thee for all eternity.” 

Source: The Catholic Instructor with Encyclopedic Dictionary [pages 517-518], copyright Office of Catholic Publications, New York, May 16, 1910 


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Calling all Catholic priests...why are you abandoning women?

I read a book years ago called "The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life" by Father Charles Aminjon because Saint Theresa of Lisieux wrote "Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life." 

After reading the book, I completely agree. In the book is a small passage where St. Bernard is quoting from his book on the life of St. Malachy. 

Quote page 153: "This saint [Malachy] relates that one day he saw his sister, who had been dead for some time. She was doing her purgatory in a cemetery. On account of of her vanity and the attention she had devoted to her hair and body, she had been sentenced to live in the very grave where she had been buried, and to witness the dissolution of her body. The saint offered the Sacrifice of the Mass for her for thirty days; at the end of this period he saw his sister again. This time she had been sentenced to complete her purgatory at the gate of the church, doubtless because of her irreverent demeanor in the holy place; perhaps she had distracted the faithful from the Sacred Mysteries in order to draw eyes and appreciation to herself. She was exceedingly sad, wearing a mourning veil, and was in extreme anguish. The saint offered the Sacrifice once more for thirty days, and she appeared to him for the last time in the sanctuary, with unruffled countenance, radiant in a white robe. The bishop knew by this sign that his sister had gained her deliverance."  

I came across another quote, that says nearly the same thing.
'We read also in Father Nieremberg that a noble lady, who was exceedingly pious, asked God to make known to her what displeased His Divine Majesty most in persons of her sex. The Lord vouchsafed in a miraculous manner to hear her. He opened under her eyes the Eternal Abyss.There she saw a woman a prey to cruel torments and in her recognized one of her friends, a short time before deceased. This sight caused her as much astonishment as grief: the person whom she saw damned did not seem to her to have lived badly.Then that unhappy soul said to her: "It is true that I practiced religion, but I was a slave of vanity. Ruled by the passion to please, I was not afraid to adopt indecent fashions to attract attention, and I kindled the fire of impurity in more than one heart. Ah! If Christian women knew how much immodesty in dress displeases God!" At the same moment, this unhappy soul was pierced by two fiery lances, and plunged into a caldron of liquid lead.' Source: Rev. F.X. Schouppe, S.J.[] 
The issue of immodesty and women's vanity is a huge issue in society that most women today are completely unaware of. They do not know that immodest clothing and vanity are deadly to their souls. Hollywood, fashion, magazines and social media whores like the Kardashian's have blinded women to true virtue and dignity found in modesty. 

But the blame doesn't rest solely on them. The responsibility is really on the Catholic Church (Matthew 28:16-20) to lead by teaching these things to the laity to save our souls. If the Church doesn't do its duty to teach us right from wrong, secular society will poison us with their lies. 

Sheep are generally dumb, they follow whatever shepherd is leading and right now secular society's demonic shepherds are leading countless sheep to Hell because there are so few good shepherds among the wolves in the Church willing to lead the flock to Heaven. 

This week on Twitter, Catholic priest Fr. Kevin Cusick (whom I believe is a very good priest and I have enjoyed following him on social media for years) put out the following tweets: 

All Hell broke loose and swarms of diabolical idiots (Catholics included) attacked this priest for daring to tweet out Catholic teaching. 
'The parish priest and especially the preacher, when occasion arises, should according to the words of the Apostle Paul (2 Tim. iv, 2) insist, argue, exhort and command that feminine garb be based on modesty and womanly ornament be a defense of virtue. Let them likewise admonish parents to cause their daughters to cease wearing indecorous dress.' 
Decree of the Congregation of the Council (by the mandate of Pope Pius XI), 1930 A.D. 

Fr. Cusick decided to delete his entire Twitter account and leave the fight, much to my disappointment. His explanation can be read on The Wanderer

Recall just a few months ago in March, a Catholic mother of four sons wrote a letter to the Editor of her local paper about women wearing leggings to Mass
Quote: "The emergence of leggings as pants some years ago baffled me. They’re such an unforgiving garment. Last fall, they obtruded painfully on my landscape. I was at Mass at the Basilica with my family. In front of us was a group of young women, all wearing very snug-fitting leggings and all wearing short-waisted tops (so that the lower body was uncovered except for the leggings). Some of them truly looked as though the leggings had been painted on them.A world in which women continue to be depicted as “babes” by movies, video games, music videos, etc. makes it hard on Catholic mothers to teach their sons that women are someone’s daughters and sisters. That women should be viewed first as people — and all people should be considered with respect." "...  I wonder why no one thinks it’s strange that the fashion industry has caused women to voluntarily expose their nether regions in this way. I was ashamed for the young women at Mass. I thought of all the other men around and behind us who couldn’t help but see their behinds."
Mass hysteria erupted over this on social media attacking this Catholic mother and her sons (I wrote about it HERE). 

I don't have any expectations that non-Catholics in our secular society will understand the importance of modesty, but I am truly floored by the venom from 'Catholics' who attacked Fr. Cusick for his tweet. 

It's like modern society has put the stamp of approval on revealing clothing, so God must accept it too. 

Ummm...NO!  Doesn't work like that. 

More over, our Catholic clergy have a responsibility to TEACH THE FAITH whether we like hearing it or not! 

2 Timothy 4    

4 "I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching. 3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths. 5 As for you, always be steady, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry."

Catholic priests are here for the sole purpose of saving souls! It's your calling! It's your duty! 

You are our Fathers (1 Cor. 4:15)! Correct us! Lead us! Love our souls enough to die for them. That's what Jesus did. It's what He called YOU our clergy to do. 

To all the Father Cusick's out there where ever you are, please, please do not run away from the flock! Souls are at stake here. Don't abandon the sheep to the wolves of secular society. 🙏

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


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