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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Your Church and Pope

Mr. Wake writes: There's only ONE "church" who lives in "the city of seven hills". Sorry but the whore lives in Rome and so does your church. The Antichrist will deny Jesus is a man: All popes call Mary, "Mother of God," denying He is man. Thus, the pope is the antichrist.

My response: What "church" lives in the "city of seven hills"? The Vatican sits on one hill, Vatican Hill. I think perhaps you've been reading too much of Mr. Dave Hunt's propaganda. The Catholic Church does not do what you claim, we believe in "God Incarnate". Mary being the Mother of God does not mean what you seem to think, nor does it mean popes are the antichrist. Mary being called "Mother of God" means she gave birth to God Incarnate. God on earth. God among us. Jesus came as our Savior and Mary gave birth to Him making her the "Mother of God". Nothing sinister there, just the basic facts. If her title makes you uncomfortable then don't use it, call her "Mother of the Savior" if you like, means the same thing.

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