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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Low Income Help in Connecticut

Things are tough all over America right now, and for many even worse in Connecticut. The unemployment in Connecticut climbed to 6.5% in August, beating out the national rate of 6.1%. We are still among the top states paying high gas rates and with cold New England weather coming soon, many will be struggling as never before to keep warm in Connecticut this winter season. Yesterday President Bush signed off on $120 million reserve fund, giving Connecticut an increase of $7 million. Connecticut's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is now at more than $58 million dollars. If you need help keeping warm this winter, please call Connecticut's Energy hot line for help at 1-800-842-1132 beginning on November 3rd. For more state help information you can also call 211. If you know anyone struggling who may need help, please pass on the state's hot line number.

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