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Saturday, March 26, 2011

America's Golden Calf

By Contributor Tim Siggia

""These are your gods, O Israel, that have led you out of the land of Egypt." -- Ex 32:4

"and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people." -- Matt. 24:11

If recent events have not conclusively proven that the American people made a grievous error in 2008 when they elected Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States, nothing ever will. In situation after situation in which leadership was called for, Obama presented us instead with indifference and indecision. Our current misadventures in Libya are only the latest example of this. We saw it just last year when a British Petroleum oil platform ruptured, spilling countless tons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. We saw it again just recently with the uprising in Egypt that ended up in the deposing of longtime leader Hosni Mubarak. Now we're seeing it again in Libya, where Obama first declared (Libyan dictator Muammar) Khadafi must go, then flip-flopped on that objective, and now refuses to call that which fits every definition of war a war, calling it instead a "kinetic military action." In each situation, where nearly every previous president would have stepped forward and taken decisive action, Obama has instead sat on his hands, dithered and procrastinated, and, when he finally decided to act, offered up too little too late.

Yet he has been anything but indecisive when it comes to his own personal agenda of stripping the American people of their freedom and moving the United States from an economy of free-market capitalism to one of communism. He wasted no time in exercising government power grabs, from the banking and insurance industries, to the automotive industry, and finally, to health care, which by itself accounts for one-sixth of the total economy. The laughingly mislabeled Affordable Health Care Act was railroaded through Congress by an extremely partisan Democrat majority, when poll after poll bore out that the majority of Americans opposed such a program. This act, called Obamacare by its many critics, is still being treated as law of the land by the Obama Administration despite having been ruled unconstitutional by two federal judges, and having been legally challenged by the attorneys-general of 21 additional states. And his blueprint for realizing all this? It's a book by a fellow "community organizer," a man named Saul Alinsky, entitled Rules For Radicals, which, among other things, was dedicated to the World's First Rebel, Lucifer -- Satan -- The Devil -- and is Obama's personal bible.

Barack Obama has shown himself to be more than just a non-Party communist, more than just a "community organizer," which was his background before being elected to the United States Senate, and later to the Presidency of the United States. He is, in a word, America's Golden Calf. From the days of Obama-Mania, just two years ago, he was presented as the New Messiah, The Anointed One, or, simply, The One. He was supposed to unite a divided country, end all discord in the Middle East, capture and bring Osama bin Laden to justice, and make America prosperous once more. Instead, bin Laden remains at large, the Middle East is in unprecedented upheaval, and the United States is now more politically polarized than in any time previous since the Civil War. And we are now trillions of dollars in debt.

Yet all this in fact has been foretold in Scripture. In Exodus 32, the Bible relates how Aaron, the brother of Moses, fashioned a representation of a calf made out of the melted-down gold and jewelry of the Israelites, and presented it to the Israelites as their God. Jesus Christ himself warned of false Christs who would arise and lead their followers astray (Matt. 24).

Does Barack Obama fit into such categorization? Consider the following:

Upon hearing Obama speak, one listener remarked, "That, sir, is the voice of God, the voice of God!" It was soon afterward learned that Obama made all his speeches with the aid of a Teleprompter, and was virtually helpless without it.

Commentator Chris Matthews reported having felt "a thrill run up his leg" upon hearing Obama speak. Has this ever been publicly said by anyone about any other American president?

A teacher in a New Jersey township forced her students to sing hymns of praise to Barack Obama. Another teacher had his students repeat after him the words, "I am an Obama Scholar."

Throughout all this, to be fair, Obama himself never expressly asked for deification. But, just as noteworthy, he never refuted any of it either, as any president before him surely would have.

And what have we seen in the meantime of that president who was supposed to change and reform the world with his physical presence alone, so his minions would have had us believe?

We have seen a president who stands helplessly by as events unfold before him, rather than stepping in and taking charge. We have seen a president who continually presents the United States of America in the worst possible light, jetting around the world apologizing for the very things that have made America great, bowing to foreign dictators, and wasting our tax dollars with ineffective government programs (Obamacare, the Stimulus, "Cash For Clunkers"). We have seen a president who pays more attention to basketball than to foreign policy, who cold-shoulders our longtime allies (Israel and Great Britain), and plays golf while his country crumbles all around him.

We have, to sum it all up, seen the most inexperienced, unprepared, unfit and unworthy President of the United States ever to hold the office prove to us on almost a daily basis that he is in fact all of that. As previously noted, Obama never expressly asked to be deified, but neither did he say or do a thing to discourage such treatment. On the contrary, he seemed, at every turn, to encourage it.

He is not a God. He does not have superhuman powers. He is only one man among multitudes of the same, and, as he continually proves, a most fallible one at that. What does Jesus say about such people, in Gospel after Gospel and parable after parable?

"He who exalts himself shall be humbled."

Will Obama himself, or those who even now continue to worship at his altar, ever finally learn this?

-Tim Siggia-
Connecticut Catholic Corner Contributor

**image from PublicDomainPictures**

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