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Saturday, June 4, 2011

STOP the "Bathroom Bill" NOW!

Have you been paying attention to the "Bathroom Bill"?  Are you worried what this will mean for our state, our public schools and public areas?  If not, you should be.

What you need to know about "The Bathroom Bill" (HB 6599).

If HB 6599 passes, the state as you know it will change immensely and not for the better.

Our public school children will be forced into confusing situations about themselves, their teachers and their classmates.  If a young child proclaims themselves to be transgendered they will able to use school bathrooms of the opposite sex.  If a transgendered boy wants to play on the girls track team he will be able to.  If a transgendered girl wishes to play on the boys football teams she will be able to and by state law no one will able to stop it.

If your kindergartener's male teacher decides to dress in drag one day and wear high heels and a dress to class the school will have no power to reassign him and you as the parents will have no legal rights to protest your child being placed in this classroom.  To oppose this will make you guilty of discrimination!

Your daughters will be sharing bathrooms with boys and your sons will be sharing bathrooms with girls.  What of high school shower rooms?  Will the transgender boy on the girls soccer team be allowed to shower in the girls team locker room?  See section 25 of the current bill which does allow for shared bathroom facilities as well as shower areas.

Adult women and little girls will have their safety put in jeopardy each time they use a public restroom.  Male predators will easily mask themselves in female garb and use public restrooms as hunting grounds to assault women and children at a higher rate than ever.  These predators are opportunists and this law will give them more LEGAL opportunities to assault women and children. 

This bill MUST be stopped for the protection of women and children!

For more details visit: The Family Institute of Connecticut

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Is this what we want for Connecticut?? 

I should hope not, but if we don't STOP HB 6599 this is what the future of Connecticut will be.

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