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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Seraphim

Have you heard "Seraphim"? Do you know of Christa, Lisa and Theresa Hanson? If not you should.

Today I am sharing my love of the music produced by Seraphim. About a year ago, I received Seraphim's "Hail, Queen of Heaven" cd from a dear friend. This is one of my most listened to religious cd's of all time.

The songs included on this cd are:

-Ave Maria (Gregorian)
-Hail, Queen of Heaven
-Sing, Sing, Ye Angel of Bands
-Immaculate Mary (*my personal favorite on the cd)
-Mother Mary, At Thine Altar
-On This Day, O Beautiful Mother
-Salve Regina
-Hail, Queen of the Heavens
-O Sanctissima
-Mother Dear, O Pray for Me
-Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary
-Hail, Holy Queen

If you visit their website you can hear samples of their music from all their cd's.


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