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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother Angelica Jackpot!

A few months ago a beloved uncle died after living a very long and happy life. Recently while cleaning out his house, my mother asked me if there were any items I'd like to keep from my uncle. He was a religious man (though not Catholic), so I was quickly drawn to his (and his deceased x-Catholic wife) collection of religious items...crosses, crucifixes and few statues. Then my father mentioned a shed full of books that I might like to look over. It was in this little shed, safely packed away among hundreds and hundreds of religious books, booklets, missals, novenas and cassette tapes that I hit the Mother Angelica jackpot!

I had read Raymond Arroyo's fantastic book on the biography of Mother Angelica so I recalled the part about Mother's booklets printed by her and her nuns, though I had never seen them- and I've looked believe me!
So imagine my great delight in this final gift my uncle left me in the form of over 30 Mother Angelica booklets printed from the 1960's and beyond! I am just thrilled to have these little gems and I am savoring reading them.

1 comment:

  1. Hello

    I see you have <other Angelica's book "Holiness Is for everyone"

    That is the only book of hers that I do not have. May I buy it from you?

    Yours in Jesus and Mary,
    Michael Ham
    Troy, Ohio


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