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Friday, June 1, 2012

EWTN Press Release- June 1, 2012

EWTN: From Canada's "March for Life"
To Ireland's Pro-Life Battlefront
Plus, EWTN's Newest Priests & Deacons

Irondale, AL – Canada marches to defend life! Join Hosts Fr. Joseph and Doug Keck as they cover the “National March for Life” in Ottawa, Canada – from the Candlelight Vigil to the speakers at Parliament Hill, to the actual march through downtown. Show your support and watch EWTN’s coverage at 2 p.m. ET, Saturday June 2! Find EWTN at

These priests are no “Dummies”! “Catholicism for Dummies” Authors Fr. Trigilio and Fr. Brighenti are back and ready to talk with “Bookmark” Host Doug Keck about their newest book, “The Catholic Mass for Dummies.” Mark your place for EWTN’s “Bookmark” at 9 a.m. ET, Sunday June 3—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at Like the interview? Buy the book here:

Come meet the new priests and deacons joining EWTN’s family! Some of the brothers from the Franciscan Missionary of the Eternal Word are going to be ordained at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Birmingham, Ala. Help us welcome all of them by watching “Cathedrals Across America,” LIVE at 12 p.m. ET, Saturday June 2—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

Does the Bible have any tips on parenting teens and young adults? Get some Scriptural advice from Author Kimberly Hahn, Dr. Regis Martina and Dr. Scott Hahn as they discuss how to handle these stages in your child’s life. Class is in session when Franciscan University Presents: “Parenting Teens and Young Adults with Biblical Wisdom,” at 10 p.m. ET, Sunday June 3—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

It’s “Paul or nothing!” Be sure to tune into the first part of this in-depth documentary that covers the life of Pope Paul VI, one of the most influential popes in our modern time. Make sure you watch Part I of “Pope Paul VI” at 8 p.m. ET, Saturday June 2 and tune in next week for the conclusion—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

Once a Catholic, always a Catholic! “Journey Home” Host Marcus Grodi welcomes guest Charles Wadlow as he talks about the reconversion experience that led him back to the Faith. Find out about his “Journey Home,” LIVE at 8 p.m. ET, Monday June 3—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

Learn what a real “People” magazine is like! “Life on the Rock” Hosts Fr. Mark and Doug Barry get the inside scoop on the latest pro-life news from Editor Royce Hood, founder of “Maria News Magazine,” who discusses the magazine’s mission of promoting Truth, Catholic Culture and Life. Be sure not to miss “Life on the Rock,” LIVE, at 10 p.m. ET, Thursday May 31—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

Stand up for the unborn! Host Fr. Benedict Groeschel welcomes Dublin, Ireland Attorney Caroline Simmons to talk about her position as a Pro-Life campaign spokeswoman and to discuss the state of the Pro-Life and Pro-Family movements in her country. Make sure you tune into “Sunday Night Prime,” at 7 p.m. ET, Sunday June 3—exclusively on EWTN! Find EWTN at

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