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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Door

By Contributor Tim Siggia

I had a vision of myself standing in front of a large Door. It was a solid Door, with no windows, no way for me to see inside. There was only one way for me to know what lay on the other side of the Door, and that was to open it and walk inside.

Without anyone telling me, I knew that the Door was unlocked, and I could walk inside whenever I wished. Nobody would stand in my way or try to stop me. But I also knew that once I opened the door and walked inside, there would be no turning back, no changing of the mind, no reneging on my decision. My commitment would be total, permanent, and without reservation.

Nobody had to tell me that everything I had ever been taught, everything I had ever learned, everything I had ever experienced, had brought me to this Door.

The issue of my entire existence -- and of my Eternity -- now came down to a single Question. It was a Question only I could answer, and I must answer it now:

Would I go through the Door?

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