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Monday, June 30, 2014

Liberals go nuts on Twitter over Hobby Lobby ruling

Nothing like playing along on Twitter to the Left's hashtag #notmybossesbusiness 

She never did answer me 'what other medical uses does the IUD or PlanB have but to abort an embryo'?

Asking that question propelled "TheMountainista" to wish me dead and then threaten to come find me and my "cult followers"- not sure who they are.

Where's all that love and tolerance the Left is whining about?  I never see them showing tolerance or love to ANYONE who has a different opinion then they do.

Anyone on Twitter today who was happy for Hobby Lobby's victory was attacked by liberals.  

But the BEST tweets were to SCOTUSblog by liberals who THINK the blog and twitter account is maintained BY the Supreme Court judges themselves! I love how the folks at SCOTUSblog respond to the hateful attacks they received from the oh so tolerant and loving Left liberals...

**That last one is my favorite - 0:-)

And for the record, I don't know "TheMountainista" (or her 48 followers) and have never seen her before on Twitter (and hope never to again).

Prayers for the likes of hate-filled Lefties who love to threaten people. May they one day grow up into real human beings and may God have mercy on them.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

1 comment:

tuleesh said...

These comments demonstrate ignorance of the fact that it is ObamaCare that brings employers and the tax payers into the “private life” of employees by default.

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