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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Church approved Traditional Latin Mass in Connecticut

St. Martha Catholic Church in Enfield, Connecticut...

Sancta Missa link:

Archbishop Blair has assigned a permanent Chaplin to the Latin Mass community at St. Martha Catholic Church in Enfield Ct.

Monsignor Guerrera has been sent to us by  Archbishop Blair. We at St. Martha in Enfield Ct. are very grateful to both the Archbishop, and Monsignor for this joyful moment in the life of our community and parish.

We are also very fortunate to have such a caring and supportive Pastor in Father Kelechi.

St. Martha offers both Rites of Holy Mass and has continued to be a shining example of the Catholic Faith.
We welcome, and encourage our fellow Catholics to come and experience the joy and sacredness of Holy Mass offered in the Extraordinary Form, also known as, The Traditional Latin Mass with
our families and friends here at St. Martha Catholic Church, Enfield CT.
Current events and announcements can be found at News Blog for St. Martha`s Latin Mass. maintained by Una Voce Enfield
Also upcoming events including rosary processions, Knights of Columbus events along with other Parish activities can be found here.
In The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Donald Mongeau

Chairman Una Voce Enfield Ct.


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