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Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton did not "stumble"...

...she collapsed.  Her shoe fell off as she was DRAGGED into the modified ambulance van (not the usual vehicle for candidates) and she was hauled off immediately to the hospital... her daughter's house?  

Some obvious points. 

1) Note her entourage... no one looks startled or shocked by Hillary collapsing and being dragged into the vehicle. They calmly pick up her lost shoe and toss it into the vehicle after her unresponsive body.  Had this been an unusual occurrence I am fairly sure we would have seen a very different response from her team of handlers- like worry or panic for Mrs. Clinton's life.

2) Clinton's team first said she was "over heated"- hoping everyone would buy that story.   

3) When no one seemed to be buying what they were selling, the new story was "pneumonia". That on Friday she was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on anti-biotics. IF that had actually happened, why not tell the media so that Clinton's strange coughing could be easily explained?

4) A little later her doctor said it was a combination of pneumonia and dehydration, but now Hillary was just fine! She exits her daughter's apartment building waving and smiling like nothing happened. Truly a miraculous recovery from pneumonia! 

5) IF Hillary Clinton's handlers didn't know what was happening she would have been whisked away to the hospital ASAP - not her daughter's apartment. Clearly NO ONE thought this was spontaneous

No one was startled by her odd behavior. They seemed to expect it and watching the video it looks like they've had a great deal of experience with this behavior from Hillary. 

Any candidate for president who collapses unexpectedly is NOT taken to a family member's home- they are taken to the hospital. This was not unexpected because it is typical with Hillary. The woman is in very bad health and completely unfit to be POTUS- in my opinion.

CNN and other msm needs to STOP saying Hillary "stumbled" getting into her vehicle.  Hillary did NOT stumble!  Hillary collapsed and was DRAGGED into the waiting vehicle. 

And because she was not immediately taken to the hospital it shows (to me anyway) that NO ONE in her entourage was startled by her collapse or seemed to find any of it unusual. Business as usual. 

This woman has serious health issues and I pray to God that they are exposed BEFORE the election. 

The Clinton's are once more trying to deceive the American people and the msm is helping them

Wake up voters!  Hillary Clinton is lying to you all! 

In Christ and wondering what excuse the Clinton handlers will give when she collapses again. 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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