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Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump trashes Hillary at the Alfred Smith Dinner

Trump not only sticks the knife in, he twists it. 

Cardinal Dolan looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable! :) 

Well done Trump, well done. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Prior to the last few weeks, I just saw Donald Trump as a superb business man, who seemed as if he cared about America and her decline in the hands of globalists and progressives, and wanted to try to do something about it. Good enough, because politically I don't agree with anything the Democrats have done or put out on the last thirty years, so I knew I was going with Trump.
    In the last couple of weeks, seeing how hating Donald Trump has become almost a mania, and the desperation to keep him out has grown to such a fever pitch it reaches new heights of absurdity and vitriol, even in our lost America, I began to really admire his ability to withstand it, just remain standing. Seeing him at debates where it was obviously two or three to his one, I realized that there is actually HOPE for America. God, using crooked lines to write straight, has given us a viable candidate. Donald Trump is the most unlikely nominee, running against seasoned politicians, having his own money and needing relatively fewer donations, and ends up resonating with millions of Americans who actually do see the utter decline of our own beloved nation and culture, which is deteriorating at a cosmic clip right in front of us. He gets it. People hear him and they realize, he is the most unlikely person to rise up and be able to pull this off. His super-ego and confidence ARE the factors that make him the uniquely qualified person to take on this blatantly evil regime, and perhaps win against it! What kind of a Superman could do this, besides this one, unique individual? I don't think there is one, and I believe that it is entirely possible that this can happen, he might win. The level of hatred coming from the left means they are exceedingly nervous about his capabilities for a win.

    Everything changed radically for me with his words at the last debate. Realizing that this man, who has been treated so unfairly, his family put through hell in the past year, has no need of money, celebrity, or power, he has enough of that to last him forever. And that this man, stood on that stage and defended the most poor, the most vulnerable, the most innocent of lives, and decried the public slaughter of those babies, against a woman who sees partial-birth abortion as a positive good, made me realize we are witnessing something more than just a bizarre election.
    I admire the man. I will be proud to vote for him. I am inspired by his pro-life stance and will do more to voice my own.
    But sadly, I must come to real terms with the reality that in my own Catholic Church, our pope, our Bishops, our Cardinals, are no longer the beacons to which I or my family can look for spiritual guidance. Donald Trump defended life! Our bishops do not defend life with such vehemence, and the USCCB, and our Bishops, have been predominantly silent during this election. It is not tax status that makes them silent in the face of this evil regime and the possibility of a Clinton presidency, it is unavoidably, capitulation or, agreement.
    After this debate, every Catholic who votes for Hillary Clinton votes for abortion, including the barbaric and completely vile partial-birth abortion. Every Bishop who is silent at this time, or encourages polite silence in the diocese, is guilty of turning his back on Jesus Christ, and abandoning His teacher and His flock.
    May God help us at this very difficult time, when we face presidential disaster, and a simultaneous and similar disaster in our own church. May He open the eyes of Catholic voters, despite the silence of our church leaders, so that they can see the reality of voting for Hillary Clinton as an evil act. It can no longer be denied that that is exactly what it is.

  2. Sorry, "teaching" in one of the last sentences.
    And, the bishops ought to realize, that their stance on immigration is going to cause a great divide in our church, like nothing else. Americans see what is going on in Europe, as the continents are flooded with muslims, Europeans are suffering. Islam is determined to conquer the West. It has used the sword, terror, and babies, to take over and insert it's own ideology, and it has been wildly successful. It makes no sense at all, none, to inflict larger numbers of Muslims into the West. It is a nihilistic suicide mission, self-destructive to Christians everywhere.
    Catholics, Christians, must critically analyze the words and actions of the pope and the USCCB. As terrible as it is to contemplate, these men do not promote Christ, nor do they seem to care about the flock, that would be us, our children, and our children's children.
    It is past time for us to open our eyes and really SEE.

  3. Is it me - am I a rigid dishrag - or is this entire thing with Card. Dolan a scandal? The joking around with politicians who detest and/or resist the Church and her moral teachings, either publicly or personally, the immodestly dressed woman over the speakers' right shoulders, the impression that there are, in truth, two possible candidates from which Catholics can choose in good conscience -- all to raise some money?

  4. Not That Guy, I dunno, what can we call a scandal after seeing Cardinal Dolan giving his imprimatur to gays marching under their own banner at the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade? Our scandal meter is probably broken at this point.

  5. Trump's performance that night alone would be enough to secure my vote! As always, the feckless Cardinal Dolan can be counted on to betray Catholicism by giving a platform to those openly hostile to the faith and the sanctity of life.


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