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Friday, August 18, 2017

Questions for Catholics

So this was going around Twitter tonight and I thought I'd take a stab at it. And I am passing this on to other Catholic bloggers to do too! πŸ˜‡

1)  Latin 
2)  Convert
3)  2007
4)  2007
5)  The Virgin Mary 
6)  The Virgin Mary 
7)  Have never been to Extraordinary, but I dream of it. 
8)  I'm a Catholic gypsy at the moment, haven't attended mass at my official parish in ages (too progressive). I attend assorted parishes around my state looking for a new home parish. Mostly I feel like the Jews in the wilderness (see more on that HERE).
9)  None currently 
10) Hail Mary, Glory Be, Hail Holy Queen, Our Father 
11) Answered above 
12) My blessed "I'm A Catholic, Please call a Priest" necklace, holy water bottle & rosary beads - never leave home without them! 
13) Advent 
14) Holy Guardian Angels (Oct.2) 
15) Consecration 
16) It's as hard to find as Bigfoot around here! 
17) 2 weeks ago 
18) Coming from Protestantism hearing "vocational life" was completely foreign to me. If only I'd been raised Catholic...
19) Too many to pick from - hate hearing new or folk type music at Mass. Give me old Gregorian Chant every time! 
20) Favorite Catholic meme...

21) I have a ton of favorite Catholic movies, love the Bernadette/Lourdes movies, "Going My Way" and "Come to the Stable" are my top favorites. 
22) Do Christmas carols count? I love "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Oh Come all Ye Faithful" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!" 
23) I'm no expert on encyclicals as I haven't read a whole lot of them, but I would say JPII's "Ecclesia de Eucharistia" and Benedict XVI's "Deus Caritas Est" (as they are currently sitting beside me at my desk😎). 
24) Blue 
25) "Ave Maria" and "Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary" 
26) The verses in John 21 where Jesus asks Peter if he loves him. 
27)  There are so many! I probably pick up St. Faustina's Divine Mercy Diary the most often (love reading this during Lent). 
28) Blogging? πŸ˜‡
29) Pope St. Gregory I, Pope Pius X, Pope St. Leo the Great 
30) ?
31) my best friend
32) Dominicans 
33) Seeing people hold hands and raise them up during the Our Father at Mass. πŸ˜•
34) The Sacraments! 

Passing this on to other bloggers...lets see you post on this. Leave a link in my comments area so I don't miss your post answers! 

God bless! 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Thanks to JenToInfinity on Twitter for inspiring this post! 


  1. Yes. I live in Southern Connecticut in the Norwich diocese. I've asked my Bishop for an Extraordinary Mass anywhere in the diocese, so far the answer is "no".

    I do know there was one up in Enfield, CT, near the border, but they recently got "yoked" and their parish closed down. Not sure if the parish they got "yoked" to is offering the Extraordinary Mass or not.

    The only other one I know of in the state is in New Haven. Again, a very far drive for me, but one of these days I have promised myself I am going to get to one or the other of these parishes to attend this Mass. It just hasn't happened yet.

  2. As far as I know, St Martha's in Enfield still has a noon Sunday TLM. What have you heard that makes you say it was "yoked?"

    1. Theres also an SSPX chapel in South Windsor.

  3. 1.Latin
    5. Dominic Savio
    6. Peter or Charles Borromeo
    7. Attend OF, prefer EF
    10. St. Michael
    11. Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, Salve Regina, angelus, st. Michael
    12. Rosary, crucifix necklace
    13. Advent
    14. Presentation and Dedication of Lateran Basilica
    15. Consecration
    16. Yes but rarely get chance to go
    17. Yesterday
    18. Husband/father
    19. Immaculate Mary
    20. Something related to as orientem I suppose
    21. A man for all seasons
    22. Silent night
    23. Humanae Vitae
    24. Gunmetal
    25. Immaculate Mary
    26. Psalm 116 (117)
    27. Can I choose something by Fulton Sheen? Seven Last Words or Victory over Vice
    28. Reading road maps
    29. Peter, Gregory the Great, Gregory VII, Leo XIII, Plus X
    30. Don't know
    31. Parents
    32. Carthusians
    33. Being Catholic is supposed to be weird
    34. Sacraments

  4. To Tom A., I have over the years gotten emails from St. Martha's to keep me updated about the Latin Mass there. In June I got an email saying things were changing. Sure enough, I just looked at their blog ( ) there is no Latin Mass at St. Martha's, its been moved.


    To fedhill: Thanks for sharing your answers! I'm very good at road maps too! :)

  5. Hi, Julie. Here's the link to my blog where I posted my answers. This was fun, thanks!


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