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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Prayers please for my Grandmother

Greetings in Christ, 

Some you who've followed me over the years knows I am a Catholic convert, my Grandmother Maybelle was my sponsor in becoming Catholic. And I will always be especially thankful to her for helping me and my children become Catholic. I have wonderful memories of my conversion and my Grandmother plays a big part in it.

I have always been close to my Grandmother (to all my grandparents actually-I was blessed to have them all most of my life even my great-grandparents). When my Grandmother began to show signs of Alzheimer disease and could no longer drive, I did all her driving and shopping. After a few years with in home care she got too bad to live in her home and needed 24/7 care that our family could no longer provide so she went to a nursing home. 

At that time, I told the nursing home my Grandmother was Catholic and had asked the nursing home if they had a visiting priest. I was told yes that a priest visited each week, so I had my Grandmother added to the list of patients the priest visited.  

My parents got a phone call yesterday from my Grandmother's nursing home that she had stopped eating and while she is still taking some fluids they were letting us know she is now in a "hospice" situation and that they didn't expect she would live beyond a few weeks or a month. 

Yesterday after the phone call, I went to the nursing home's website to see if it had been updated before calling them (their website in years past hadn't mentioned any clergy so I didn't know where the priest came from). On their website I found a page for "hospice patients" options and services. I figured this is the page that will tell me where the priest comes from. I scroll down the page and find "...all our Chaplains are non-denominational..." and my head explodes! 

I am so stinking mad right now! I had specifically told them my Grandmother was Catholic and I wanted to know if they provided a Catholic priest or I would have gotten one to visit her myself over the years. Now I find out all these years she never had a Catholic priest visit her or bring her any of the Sacraments! I am steaming mad, but thankful to Our Lord that she didn't die before I found this out. 

So I am getting her a real Catholic priest today to give her Last Rites. 

And I am asking all who read this post, to please take a moment and say a prayer for my Grandmother Maybelle, her Patron Saint is "Saint Therese, the Little Flower". 

Thank you all and God bless you, 


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