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Friday, February 21, 2020

Spending Lent looking back at what the Church used to teach

Greetings in Christ to all my readers! 

I've mentioned before on this blog that I am a collector of old Catholic books - I'm a bit obsessed with them to be honest. If they are over 100 years old I want them. 

They played an enormous part in my conversion. I don't think just visiting any Novus Ordo Mass around me would have done it on its own because the parishes around here hardly reflect the Faith found in these old Catholic books. It was the combination of prayers, Mother Angelica's EWTN (side note here-if you're not watching Fr. Mitch's Scripture&Tradition you are missing out on some great teachings!), my need for the Truth, good Catholic family & friends and these wonderful old books that eventually led me and my children to become Catholic. 

Yesterday I decided to pull them out and read them for Lent. I've done this before and enjoyed it very much. This year I am going to share them on my blog for anyone interested in reading what our beloved Catholic Church used to teach us. 

There is one book I am likely to focus on the most, its "The Catholic Church Alone The One True Church of Christ" published by Catholic Educational Company, New York, Philadelphia in 1899. It's a personal favorite of mine.

Ebay offers this book:
One of my plans for Lent is to not complain on this blog about the Pope or the goings on at the Vatican. Rather I want to go back to the teachings our previous Shepherds gave to help save our souls. With all the horrible news coming from the Church: corruption, scandals, abuse, homosexual clergy, heresies, etc., I really need to submerge myself in the good stuff- the stuff that helped me fall in love with the Church and want to be a part of it.

So for Lent, I will be sharing what I find in these old books on my blog. I hope you will check in and share your thoughts on these writings and maybe share some quotes from some of your own favorite books. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on Lent and what books you have decided to read or prayers you're doing. 

God bless you all! 



  1. Julie, it sounds great that you got those books that actually teach the Faith. A word of caution. Please be careful not to mischaracterize the exposition of Vatican misdeeds as mere "complaining". That is something that must be done when the need arises. The devil is not going to abide by a Lenten truce, as it were.

  2. You're right I know. When I look at some of the articles I write I sometimes get the impression I am just complaining all the time. I'd like to be more joyful, but what is happening to our Church is disgusting + disheartening. It really ticks me off. But I am trying this Lent to just share the Faith as I learned it from these books. So people going from Catholic news media where they are once more horrified by what is going on, can then stop by my blog to be reminded of all the goodness in our Catholic Faith. That is my hope anyway.

  3. Hello. For anyone interested in the books shown in the picture, most of them can be found in Google Books and/or the Internet Archive for free.

    (If I may suggest, please list the titles so it's easier for folks to find them.)

    They are good books well worth reading.

    1. Hello Shawn. I did list the title, I even underlined it, made it bold and gave a link to it and offered a photo of the title and publishers page of the book.

    2. Your picture shows 9 books, 2 of them are 2 volumes of "The Manual of the Holy Catholic Church", found here:

      The 2nd volume is linked from this page.

      "Beautiful Pearls of Catholic Truth" can be found here:

      The others, aside from the book you did list, are hard to see the titles.

    3. The second photo IS the book I quote from and I gave links to the book in case someone was interested in buying it.

  4. Great idea, Julie. I will keep watching.

    My reading plan is to dive into the Navarre Bible New Testament. I hope it turns out to be worth the big bucks I paid for it. 😁

    1. I hope you come back and share your experience, I would love to know.
      I am following EWTN's Fr. Mitch's show "Scripture&Tradition" and I am enjoying it very much.


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