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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bone to pick with Archdiocese of Hartford

I have a bone to pick with the Archdiocese of Hartford over Father Stephen Foley who has been accused of sexual abuse, including William Noll who claims Foley abused him for three years when he was a teen. Foley hightailed it out of CT when he was ordered to leave a Bloomfield seminary and has so far refused to return and face the charges against him. He was found in Virginia and once again refused or failed to show up for a video deposition. This isn't the first time Foley has defied court orders. He failed to show up last March on another sexual abuse case, but that one was settled just before it went to trial.

I know all are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, but lets face it, when a grown man, a "man of the cloth" clergy runs and hides instead of facing his responsibilities and honestly answering questions and accusations put to him, what are we to believe?

Charge after charge is being placed on Foley and he's hiding from them like a coward. Nearly as bad is that the archdiocese of Hartford is helping! How are they helping? They are still paying him $1,000 a month stipend and his health insurance (he's being treated for skin cancer) and he is STILL A PRIEST, though he's been ordered not to perform any priestly duties for the time being.

When the archdiocese of Hartford was asked about Foley, here is what they had to say:
"He is not a slave. The archdiocese doesn't own him. The legal system has more control over him," Church spokesman John Gatzak said. "If the legal system can't get him to do what he is supposed to do, you can't expect the archdiocese to do it."

What was that again Mr. Gatzak? We "can't expect the archdiocese to do it"? Why the heck not? How about cutting off his money and health care? How about stripping the coward of his holy orders? How about telling the police where he can be found?
The archdiocese of Hartford has ALREADY settled at least 12 sexual abuse cases against Foley involving 43 people! And now we hear "you can't expect the archdiocese to do it"? This is sickening and wrong. The archdiocese of Hartford is wrong and they need to admit it and work with the police to bring Foley in. And WHY is this man still a priest? More than 40 people in settled abuse cases have come forward against Foley and his sexual abuse yet this man is STILL a Roman Catholic priest. That is disgusting and vile in this Roman Catholic bloggers opinion. I am very disappointed in the archdiocese of Hartford at the moment and I truly hope they get their act together and do the right thing with Foley, because what they are doing now is wrong. It's simply wrong.

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  1. So, what else is new ?

  2. Exactly, Anonymous. SOP for the Bish Club. This is the advice they're getting from their $$$$$$$ law firms and $$$$$$ PR spin firms? One can only scratch one's head in wonderment.

    These obscenities will continue as long as the Kool-Aid drinking sheeple keep that Sunday collection basket full.

    Anyone who continues to support the ongoing organized criminal enterprise known as the RCC is just as guilty as the murdering (yes, murdering), raping, sodomizing, molesting, abusing predatory clergy and their mitered and red hatted enablers, promoters, protectors.

    SHAME ON YOU ALL ! ! ! !

  3. How these bureaucrats, the church leaders(?), can attempt to set the morals for our country and the world is beyond me. They are despicable in their actions. They are hypocrites in that they preach and teach one thing and practice another. They only maintain their positions by leading thru a religion of fear. Until their money is cut off, they will continue their evil ways. CER

    /abusetracker for daily verified & vetted coverage on why is is a MORTAL SIN to be donating any monies for any reason to the Roman Cahtolic Church. or your local public library for FREE, for over 100 new books on the ongoing mutiple BILLIONS OF LAITY DOLLARS & THEFT, from such empirical, cogent & salient authors as: Roman Catholic Bishops Thomas Gumbleton & Jeffery Robinson, as well as Richard Sipe, Dr. Leon Podles, Jason Berry, Attorney Marci Hamilton, David Yallop, Dr. Robert Grant, MD, Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, Fr/Dr Howard Bleichner, SS & Fr/Dr/Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle, OP, to name only a few.

    Until overtly guilty pedophile and sexual assault of children office holder enablers, aid, & abettors, are each removed from office, each canonically censored and each placed under life house arrest like proven serial peophile founder Marciel of the Mexican pedo-cult The Legion Of Christ/Regnum Christi, nothing with improve, or alternatively, each is EXCOMMUNICATED.

    As St. Peter Damien correctly suggested: "STOP DONATING LAITY!"


    Albino Luciani

  5. Why would you expect anthing less from John Gadzak ? Ask him how he and Father Tony Brescia use to have sex with accused child molester Father Kenneth Shiner when they were both attending Saint Thomas seminary in Bloomfield. That school is the Mecca of this type of behavior.


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