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Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday: My Email Box

Reading my blog email is always a thrill, much like riding the worlds fastest, highest, most twisted roller coaster.  One minute it’s up with a wonderful uplifting inspiring article or letter from a reader, then next I am weeding through the “you’re going to hell for being Catholic…being a homophobe…being a Republican…” you get the idea.

Then there are the emails that say “Hey, did you see this? You might want to say something about…"

So today I am sharing my email roller coaster ride on my blog for the Conversion Diary's "7 Quick Takes" Friday.


First up, the roller coaster beings to climb with inspiration!

Lovely right?  I thought so!


Then the roller coaster hooks to the right so sharply I nearly end up with whiplash…

Seems back in the spring of 2013, the TorrentFreak website that monitors the Internet decided to take a look at where pirated movies/dvd’s were being downloaded (stolen) from and low and behold their tracking led them to the Vatican.

Some of the stolen pirated moves were “Love Actually” and the television show “Chicago Fire” to name a few.  But TorrentFreak dug even deeper and found that a great deal of PORN was being downloaded in Vatican City.


When asked about the porn downloaded to the Vatican’s IP address it was suggested that it might not be priests downloading stolen porn videos, but rather the Papal Swiss Guard. 

Yep, blame it on the other guys.  Couldn't possibly be a priest doing such a thing!



My next email was even worse… After watching a report on EWTN about abortion, a story was mentioned about South China eating aborted babies because a doctor insists there is good nutrition in baby eating and if people don’t eat aborted babies that nutrition goes to waste.  This is not a new story, it was actually reported back in 2003 by the Weekly Standard,but until now I had been ignorant of it.


My next email was a lovely turn for the better…it was a link with photos to the Groom Texas Cross.  I had seen and heard of this years ago, but it was certainly a welcome email to see it again.  Just lovely!

Here is a short video from a visitor who took some amazing photos and put them to music…


My next email was the promotion of lesbianism in Cosmopolitan magazine (nothing new about this either, just more depravity)…

So what are some of the “best reasons” to be a lesbian you ask?

-You get to make out with girls in public bathrooms!

I’m not kidding, that is listed as a great reason for being a lesbian.

-You double your tampon supply!

Because of course there is a mass shortage of tampons!

-No risk of pregnancy! 

-No more having to perform oral sex on a man!  Instead you perform it on a woman because, you know “where all the bells and whistles are, so you can put down the manuals!”

I can't believe this magazine is so popular, but it certainly does explain a lot about the depravity of secular society.


The roller coaster has crashed and burned at this point so I stop reading personal blog emails and move on to Google news... and found a nice story of a Trinity Bible College (N.Dakota) student working as a waitress at Cracker Barrel who received $6,000+ tip for “being perky”

*Of course the heterophobic anti-Christian Perez Hilton took issue with Trinity Bible College because they teach chastity until traditional (1 man + 1 woman) marriage.


And because Grumpy Cat can always make me smile...

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

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