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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby Nevernamed

I am baby Nevernamed. 

Many people call me an “unborn child”, I prefer "pre-born child". I’m a person. A person in the earliest stages of growth and development. It was never a question as to whether or not I am human or if I’d leave the womb. 

The question was only... when? What would my birthday be? At this point, they call it my Mommy's "due date", but for me, it's when will my birthday be? Or rather, when would my birthday be... if I was going to have one.

I’m an eight week old pre-born child. I’ve done a lot of growing in my eight weeks of life in my Mommy's womb. I’m an inch long and weigh 0.1 oz. and my heart is beating about 150 beats a minute, that’s faster than my Mommy’s heart beats. 

All my major organs are formed, even my muscles are growing so I can be big and strong one day. I have two eyes that I can move, a nose and a mouth full of taste buds! I even have all my tooth buds for my first teeth. I have all my tiny fingers and all ten tiny toes and they wiggle. I can move! Sometimes, if I can catch it, I suck my thumb - I really like that. Once I even had the hiccups! There is so much I have to look forward to, each day is another step forward for me and full of new and exciting things. So much potential in my future- if I had a future.

Soon I won’t ever have the hiccups again. And I only have a little while left to suck my thumb, yawn, wiggle my toes and stretch my tiny arms. I’ll never use my taste buds or my baby teeth. I'll never know a grandma or grandpa or brother or sister or cousin.  I won’t ever see light or hear my Mommy’s voice outside the womb. I'll never feel a kiss on my forehead or arms hugging me. I'll never see a smile or give a smile back.

I’ll never even be named.

Someone told my Mommy she could pay someone to kill me. They told her she has a ‘right’ and a ‘choice’ to make sure I never get born. Nobody gave me my ‘rights’ or my ‘choice’. No one will give me the future I am supposed to have.  My entire life span takes place in the warm nourishing womb of my mother who is even now planning to pay someone to kill me. 

No life outside the womb.  No rights to my future and nobody to even gave me a name.

Please help me and all the other pre-born human beings who want their ‘right’ to life. The right to see the sky, taste food, breath air and the right to have a birthday and a name. I can’t talk yet, so I need others to speak for me and my rights to life. Please support a Pro-Life group today and let everyone know that I have a Right to Life and I want a name.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your life to think of the life of a pre-born human being.

In memory of, 

all the babies never named...

Please pray for an end to ALL abortion and support the Right to Life!

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

**I originally shared this post in 2008.

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