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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Catholic Prophecy

A friend sent me a small Catholic prophecy book a while back that I want to share today. 

I enjoyed the quotes from Saints, popes, mystics and assorted Catholic clergy and visionaries. 

After each quote is a comment by the author about what the prophecy might mean - take this with a grain of salt. 

Overall, I found the book enjoyable and interesting because of the numerous Saint, mystic and Pope quotes within it. 

The opening page sums up what is contained within the numerous prophecy quotes in the book. 

Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont [published 1973] 

The Coming Chastisement 

Precisions on the Great Disaster 

General Events

*Not a two-camp war, but a multi-sided war. 
*Not a war only, but a world-wide revolution as well. 
*Not simply a man-made holocaust, but also a God-sent chastisement, accompanied by cosmic disturbances. 
*To last about four years. 

Particular Events 

The whole world will be involved in the fighting. A unique feature is the internal disintegration of the Western democracies and the invasion of Western Europe by Arab forces. 

The roles of the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. are not clear in the beginning. The U.S.A. may be involved in the Far-East or at home or both. The U.S.S.R. may want to keep out of the fray at first, while abetting the Arab world, or may be involved in Siberia. 

Civil wars rage in Western Europe. The Church is persecuted; the Pope leaves Rome and dies in exile; an anti-pope is installed in Rome; the Catholic Church is split, leaderless and completely disorganized. Communism is victorious. The Mohammedans invade Europe and commit innumerable atrocities. 

In the West, however, Christians rally around and unexpected leader, and army officer of royal blood, but their chances seem very slim. 

The natural disturbances begin: floods, droughts, famines. 

A comet approaches the earth; Whole mountains split open; huge tidal waves swallow up low-lying lands; stones fall from the sky; a deadly fog or gas poisons the atmosphere; a prolonged darkness envelopes the earth. Two-thirds or three-fourths of the human race is wiped out.

The powers of evil are shattered. The Christian Prince leads his growing army to battle and wins victory upon victory. In West Germany he crushes a Germano-Russian army. Communism collapses everywhere. The Mohammedans are thrown back to the sea. The war is carried to Africa and the Middle East, where Arab Power is dealt a deadly blow. At this stage, if not earlier, U.S. troops come to the assistance of Western Europe. 

Russia and China are converted to Catholicism, as also the Mohammedans. All non-Christians return to Mother Church. A holy Pope is elected; he shows great firmness; and he restores all the former disciplines in the Church. 

All the nations of Western Europe unite and form a new Roman Empire, and accept as their emperor the great Christian Prince, chosen by God, who works hand in hand with the holy Pope. The triumph of the Catholic Church is universal. 

The whole world enjoys a period of complete peace and unprecedented prosperity in mutual love and respect among people and nations. 

This great peace will last until the coming of Antichrist. [end quote] 

This summary is based on the author's views of the prophecies contained in the book - so make of it what you will. Some of the people quoted in the book include St. Pius X, Bishop Christianos Ageda, Abbot Joachin Merlin, St. Anthony of the Desert, Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, Anna-Katarina Emmerick, Bl. Anna-Maria Taigi, St. Margaret Mary, Fr. Balthassar Mas, St. Louis-Marie Grignion De Montfort and many, many others. 

Interesting quotes. 


In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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  1. There is at least one problem with the book: the portion regarding Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich. The quoted material is altered and quite deceptive.


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