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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bishop Paprocki's Decree to Homosexuals

GOD BLESS Bishop Paprocki and his decree regarding same-sex "marriage" and related pastoral issues! The Church needs more Bishops like him who teach the Faith, defend the Faith and enforce the Faith!

Without such decree's the sinner is left wallowing in his sin and is the cause of scandal among the faithful in parishes all over the globe. This must not be allowed to continue and Bishop Paprocki is setting the record straight! I can only hope and pray that other Bishops will follow suit. 

Quick rundown of the Decree

1)  No solemnization or blessings of same-sex "marriages"

2)  No Church property or facilities can be used for such unions or celebrations of such relationships

3)  No Catholic items, books, symbols etc., are to used with any homosexual unions

4)  No homosexuals in homosexual relationships are allowed to receive Holy Communion and they should not attempt to present themselves for Holy Communion

5)  Priests aware of homosexuals in such relationships should talk privately to the person calling them to conversion and repentance. 

6)  In danger of death, homosexuals in homosexual relations may only receive Holy Communion (Viaticum) if they first repent of their sin. 

7) Children of homosexual couples may be baptized if there is "a well-founded hope" that the child will actually be raised in the authentic Catholic faith..."The pastor should use due discretion in determining the appropriateness of public celebration of the baptism." 

8)  A child of a homosexual couple who is "qualified and properly disposed" may be allowed to have First Holy Communion and Confirmation 

9)  Homosexuals in homosexual unions may not serve as sponsors for the Sacraments of Baptism or Confirmation 

10) Homosexuals in homosexual unions are not allowed to enter RCIA or have Confirmation unless they repent from their immoral relationship 

11) No funerals for homosexuals in homosexual relationships unless they repented before death 

12) Homosexuals are not to serve in the public liturgical ministries (no readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion) 

13) Children of homosexual couples may attend Catholic schools, but will be taught Church doctrine including the teachings on marriage and homosexuality. Homosexual parents must agree to abide by this. 


In Christ and thanking God for Bishop Paprocki, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner




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