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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pope's Jesus the blob crucifix

All I seem to be doing with our current pope is asking "why"? I sincerely just don't understand Pope Francis. I am mostly scandalized by him if I am honest. Today is yet another one of those days.

Actually, I am truly repelled today by another thing Pope Francis has done. What was he thinking? Is he TRYING to remove Jesus from our minds to push his progressive agenda? I hate to think like that, but I do each and every time something like this happens- and lets face it, it happens frequently with Pope Francis.

Now he's removed Jesus from the Crucifix...or turned Jesus into a blob on a cross - at this point who can be sure? 

From Father Kevin Cusick's tweet

Another move to be more protestant-like? Holy Communion for everyone! World Youth Day with Jesus in Dixie cups! Celebrate the heretic Martin Luther! Remove the Corpus from the cross as protestants did centuries ago. 

Yep, looking and sounding more and more protestant every day. 

God help us hold on to the authentic Faith while the Church tries to destroy its self from the inside.

In Christ and still baffled by this pope, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

Fr. Kevin Cusick on Twitter:


  1. Once you accept the fact that Francis doesn't have the Faith, things will all make sense...

  2. Julie, he's an apostate. I've accepted it and can now rest easier, as far as he's concerned. He'll eventually go, just like all of them. It's the rest of the clergy that get my goat. If they aren't flaming or subtle sodomites, buggering boys and young men, they're Protestants, if they aren't sycophantic fawners, they're cowards, if they aren't social justice warriors, they're trying to bring in every Saracen to formerly Christian homelands. These are the men who are destroying the Church with both corrupt hands. I find them sickening and can't tolerate them anymore.
    God have mercy on us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  3. Your confusion comes from making the false assumption that Francis is actually Pope. If you accept that he is an imposter bent on destroying the faith, then everything he says and does makes perfect sense. What baffles me is why do so many people still think Francis is Pope. Maybe its because I make the false assumption that these people still have the true Catholic faith.

  4. A popsicle stick Jesus? Really? Julie, if you like your 'pope', you can keep your 'pope.'

    Keep it up Frank! More will come to know you as the impostor you are.

    Seattle kim

  5. This looks like a prop from Star Trek original series. How is this not denying Jesus Christ came in the flesh - the "antichrist" challenge Bear recently wrote about?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @Edison Frisbee and @Kathleen1031, you are on the mark. POPE FRANCIS IS AN ILLUMINIST and AN APOSTATE BISHOP -
    @Geremia16 []

    "a perfect visual representation of what the man actually believes in:"

    Yes, that crosier looks like it's Darwinistically evolving into HRC's egalitarian, anti-patriarchy "=" symbol [].


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