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Thursday, June 7, 2018

What faith is Father James Martin talking about?

So I see Fr. James Martin retweet this...

and of course I have issues with him saying..."The question of whether or not LGBT people can be people of faith is a funny one, because they are people of faith. So it's like saying: can the grass be green?"

What faith? 

What faith do they believe? 

Do they believe that homosexual relationships are mortal sin that leads to death and that all homosexuals are called to chastity? If yes, they might very well be of the Catholic faith.  

If they, like the 'Equally Blessed' website article Fr. James Martin retweeted, believe in marriage equality for homosexual couples, then the "faith" they have is not Catholic. 

We've seen this sort of thing from Fr. Martin too many times in the past... 

The "Equally Blessed" folks are yet another dissident group who falsely uses the word "Catholic" to fool people (the Church should NOT allow these people to use the term "Catholic" because it lures people into falsehoods about the authentic Catholic Faith).  

They are linked with other dissident groups which the Vatican and our Bishops have spoken against over the years like "New Ways Ministry".

New Ways Ministry is a darling of Fr. James Martin's. He's got a very long history working with them, giving his support of them and they their support of him (see my post on his book for more on this). It's a relationship made in Hell. 

The authentic teachings of the Catholic Church have been very clear on this... 

What is always muddy is Fr. James Martin's comments about Church teaching because he always leaves those truths out. He speaks of "love" and "building bridges", but he never speaks about correcting the sinner to save their souls from damnation. Nor does he seem to accept the Church's warnings to clergy about supporting dissident groups. 

Fr. Martin ignores all attempts made by numerous people, including myself, to answer questions on this subject. Instead he continues to mislead people.  

Some comments from this video show just how wrong these people are about homosexuality and the teachings of the Church. 

To see them all go here: 

Another thing Fr. Martin says in the video is "Jesus' message is always one of inclusion and welcome". I think Fr. Martin has been reading a different bible than me. 

The Jesus in my Bible is loving and tells sinners to "sin no more". 

He doesn't tell them to stay in their sins, that 'love' ignores sin. Rather he corrects them out of love and warns them to avoid sin because their eternity depends on it! 

Fr. James Martin never does this. He is not following Christ's example as a good priest should. Rather Martin leaves people in their sin as he walks back and forth on a bridge that leads anywhere but to Heaven for these people. 

My question for Fr. Martin is, what faith are you talking about? 

Whatever faith it is, it isn't Catholic. 

A reminder for Fr. James Martin from the Vatican...

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Video source: 

Fr. Martin Twitter: 

My book review of Father Martin's book: 


  1. Sodomy is being "winked" with homosexuals being promoted and appointed. One would not push their cause so much if one were not one himself. Is this pope? Cannot for sure say he is and cannot say for sure he is not but he sure has some close to him.

  2. "the Church should NOT allow these people to use the term "Catholic" because it lures people into falsehoods about the authentic Catholic Faith".... so does Fr. Martin


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