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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Father James Martin strikes again

Father James Martin once more is promoting mortal sin and embracing gay lovers and "affirming" them in their gay sexual relationships. Gay "married" men, lesbian partners and parents of gay teens - all who need correction in the Faith, not heresy from Fr. James Martin. 

Martin shared this tweet today... 

My first question was "faith journey" to where? 

Toward hell it seems. Not one story of a gay person struggling to live chaste and according to Catholic teaching. No. These people only seek out "others like them" who will "affirm" them in their sin. 

My next question was why is Fr. Martin "proud" for this "spiritual resource"? 

Because it mentions him (I get the impression this priest really, really likes flattery and attention) also, there is no word of gay relationships being a sin or the need to be chaste. So in other words, its just like his own book "Building a Bridge".

Of course it's heretical and has NO business being promoted or supported by ANY Catholic parish or priest, yet it is. 

I opened the book up to this... 😕

The first story is of a gay man who is HIV positive from sex with numerous partners and does not believe the Church is correct in teaching homosexuals are called to be chaste. He rejects that teaching, yet still holds several positions in his parish, including Lector. He also joined a fraternity of Secular Franciscans. 
And then there is the story of a man and his "husband"... 

And here is this "married" gay man discovering Father James Martin's book "Building a Bridge"... 

There are more stories...all of which never mention the Catholic Church's teachings on homosexuality as correct or positive or needed for salvation.  Nope, instead its full of gay partners who believe they are living true Catholic lives. They are deceiving themselves and others, but they aren't fooling God. 

All these lesbian couples and other gay couples are happy to be in this "affirming" LGBTQ "ministry" - where no one tells them homosexual sex is a sin or that they are headed for Hell because to die in mortal sin is an eternity in Hell. Nope, *crickets* from the clergy on actual Church teaching. Rather they get the likes of Father James Martin promoting their sin stories to other Catholics. Encouraging them to remain in mortal sin and leading others who see Martin's support of this, into sin. This is despicable. 

May God help them to reject their embracing of homosexual relationships and live chaste lives as the Church teaches. 

And to think, Fr. Martin was asked by the Vatican to speak at the World Meeting of Families in Ireland...God help everyone who listens to this heretical priest. Shame on Pope Francis for promoting this priest. It's scandalous. 

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


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  1. Thank you for this detailed post. Unfortunately his material is used in my Catholic Workplace a lot and it doesn’t help that the pope doesn’t like to teach clearly on these issues. I even have a case where a woman has mutilated herself and calls herself a man now quoting the pope to further justify Herbert harmful lifestyle. It’s such a tragedy to watch it all.


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