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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Banned from Twitter again...

Little over a week ago (June 26th), I posted THIS...about Twitter locking me out of my account for saying my governor made "me want to puke" for flying the sodomy flag over the Connecticut governor's Mansion here in my state to celebrate sodomy.

Moments ago, I sent THREE gay story tweets out on Twitter...the first was this...

...with the single word "Disgusting" (that is all I wrote- one word) in reference to a tweet about the American flag being flown with rainbow colors by our military in honor of sodomy.

And the last two were an article from Christine Niles at Church Militant's website about two lesbians kissing on a Vatican website, see here:

Note, the only thing I added to these tweets was "WakeUp @Pontifex this is disgusting" and the hashtags #Catholic and #CatholicFollowChain -that's it.

Two seconds after I sent those tweets, Twitter once more locked up my account.

Guess Catholics are no longer allowed to voice their objections to gay 'marriage' on Twitter.  I haven't seen that in the rules anywhere, but that isn't stopping Twitter from locking me out of my account- again.

In Christ & not shutting up,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


After writing this post, I emailed Twitter for a 2nd time and included a link to this post.  Within a few hours Twitter once more unlocked my account: 

I do not for a moment believe this is over.  I assume that as soon as I tweet against gay "marriage" I will once more be reported and my account locked.  
That will not stop me.  They can ban me every week if they want message will be the same.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Julie, for you they might be using the word "disgusting" as some sort of trigger to automatically shut your account down. Might you consider using another word and see if that helps?

Fred Allen said...

I wonder how Twitter got wind of your comments to shut them down? They do not shut down the millions of ISIS tweets, for example. So, do you have any idea how or who may be behind the locking of your account? And were your able to get back into Twitter?

Oakes Spalding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

Hi there Janet. I don't think the trigger word is "disgusting" because if you look at the tweet I was responding to (above) Johnny Jones used the word "disgusting" first and he's still on Twitter with no apparent problems.


Hi Fred. I think I have a "fan" on Twitter who is watching my tweets and each and every time I mention anything in opposition to gay 'marriage' they report me in an effort to silence me and probably others who oppose the gay agenda.

I have no intentions of shutting up, so their efforts are for nothing. ;)

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

Barb Hayes said...

Julie, I have no doubt that the gaystapo are on the prowl even more actively since the SCOTUS ruling: they are high on the swift codification of deviation and are attending their own orgies of speech (now can you imagine saying that on Twitter?). I, myself, have actually been removed from Catholic sites because I don't top my every post with sugar and a cherry. I am almost always polite, even as I state the truth sometimes starkly, as you do. Yet that same umbrage that is usually displayed by liberals is consistently exhibited by so-called Catholics on some Catholic sites. I wish Catholics and Christians would get off the fence and join us in refuting the lies of the culture. The leftists certainly have no shortage of admirers and commentators.

Keep up the good work, Julie, and please don't become discouraged. You are in good (even if remnant) company.

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