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Monday, October 26, 2015

Michael Voris rants at Pope Benedict while ignoring Saint John Paul II

Interesting Vortex by Michael Voris over at Church Militant today.  

Mr. Voris is clearly not happy with all that has happened at this Synod (no smart Catholic would be)- and from the time Pope Benedict resigned.  In today's Vortex, Mr. Voris goes after Pope Benedict for the damage he caused by resigning...
Quote: "The whole reason we are here in October of 2015 is because of what Pope Benedict did in February of 2013: He resigned, abdicated, abandoned the office of Pope — a monumental action, not yet fully recognized for the enormous earthquake it caused in the Church.
Forget for a moment all the rumors that it was done for blackmail or financial threats or whatever; we may never know. What’s important is he did it. He surrendered to whatever forces he thought he could not resist. The Holy Father abandoned his flock, and it was that single action that has brought all this about. Francis may have lit a fuse here, but Pope Benedict laid the dynamite. He has now set in motion a series of events that the Church may take decades, or even perhaps, God forbid, centuries to recover from without the much-longed for and prayed for direct heavenly intervention."

Voris also goes on to list all the progressive men Benedict elevated to Cardinal...

...yet if you note, it was Saint Pope John Paul II who made ALL these men Bishops in the first place.  

And recall, it was Saint John Paul II who kissed the koran, 

...turned a blind eye to the sex abuse scandal when, then Cardinal Ratzinger, tried in the 1980's to get these corrupt abusive men out of the Church (as I wrote about HERE years ago)...

- it was Saint Paul John Paul who protected the pedophile priests for decades. 

It was JPII who started World Youth Days with incredible abuses- namely passing our Lord around in Dixie cups, paper bags and just one person to another like it was not the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of God they were so callously handling.  

What has World Youth Day taught Catholic youth except to abuse our Lord and treat Holy Communion as if it were a Protestant communion of mere bread in "remembrance" only of the Lord?

My point here, is that I think Mr. Voris's anger over the disaster of this current Synod and general pontificate is misplaced.  

If he wants to be angry about who did what in the history of our Church, I think Church Militant could make a much stronger case against Saint John Paul II than against Pope Benedict who did do much good for our Church in his own struggled attempts to turn back the evil tidal wave that was coming.  But prophecy doesn't say that the evil will be stopped by one pope fact prophecy has a lot to say about two popes living at the same time (read Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich for more on this). Jesus hand picked Judas fully knowing that Judas would one day betray Him...prophecy was going to be fulfilled and Judas was the one to do it.

How do we know it wasn't God who told Benedict it was time to leave? To be clear I am not saying it was God, only making the case that we don't know that it wasn't God who told Benedict to step aside. Again, I say this in light of the dozens upon dozens of prophecies about "two popes" a "white pope and a black (probably Jesuit) pope" living at the same time. This prophecy (so far) seems to be true, and if it is, then a pope had to resign so that another could be named to fulfill prophecy- but did a pope decide on his own to step aside or is it God's will? That is what none of us knows.  Time will tell if the rest of it occurs.  

For myself, while I hate that Pope Benedict resigned (I was devastated by it and felt betrayed by him), I will (for now) give him the benefit of the doubt because of prophecy. 

And for now I place the most blame on Saint Pope John Paul II and our current Pope Francis.  Remember, JPII was adored by the world for kissing the koran and his "mercy" and "love" for all people just as Pope Francis is now adored by crowds of people who can't seem to contain themselves at the mere sight of Francis (JPII had the same effect on people- the "rock star" popes) - yet many of these same people swooning over the mere sight of the pope probably can't be bothered to attend Mass regularly or visit Christ in the Eucharist. 

Recall, it was Pope Benedict who was hated, mocked and attacked by most of the world, especially the media for being too orthodox...that should tell you something. 
Jesus: "If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." John 15:19
Mr. Voris says Pope Benedict abandoned the flock...true only if it was Benedict's choice and not God's will for him to resign (and we may never know the answer to that). 

It's my personal opinion, that Saint Pope John Paul II abandoned the flock decades earlier with what I see as a mostly failed papacy in regards to building up a faithful or faithless Catholic clergy and laity (does anyone believe Catholics were well taught the Faith during JPII's papacy?). Pope John Paul II retained the adoration of the clueless masses until his final breath. God rest his soul. 

So who did more damage to the Church and the laity?  JPII for making all those progressive liberal men Bishops in the first place or Benedict for resigning? Time will tell, but at this point, I am leaning more towards JPII doing more damage than Benedict.  

In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



  1. Wow, Church Militant sounds like it is starting to panic.

    Now attacking Pope Benedict XVI, in an obvious effort to deflect criticism from Pope Francis.

    Michael Voris keeps talking about all these wicked prelates in the upper hierarchy.

    Well, don't we have a POPE? What's HE doing about that?

    If the answer is "nothing," then what is the logical conclusion one should come to?

  2. Yeah, Julie, and it was under the rule of "Saint" John Paul II that Archbishop Lefebvre discerned the "necessity" to consecrate orthodox bishops so that they would, in turn, form and ordain wholly Catholic priests. That decision was made directly after Assisi II. ( would seem that you understand there was much amiss at the time.)

    And yet today, Voris has the temerity to point to a "single" incident. Please.

    The man is bad news, Julie, as is the limited scope of throwing others under the bus who rightfully discerned what the fallout would be of compromising/obfuscating Catholic doctrine under the guise of pastoral "necessity".

    We even have Cardinal Pell excusing the Synod fathers because, well, they aren't exposed to Thomism. That is they were not formed properly to value the necessary precision of ST. Thomas Aquinas. (Summa Theologica) That formation foundation was tossed after VII, but not so at the SSPX. That, Julie, is why they are made out to be the bad guys. Because they knew, they saw, and they cannot compromise on the Truth.

    That's also why His Excellency, Bishop Athanasius Schneider bid folks to put down the pitch forks. Voris ginned folk up to go after their best allies. And where does the idea of divide and conquer come from? That said, if you have issues with JPII, there are explanations and roots to that, too. They're just not pretty, but explain one heck of a lot. God bless.

  3. DJR The obvious conclusion (as you asked) could be that Pope Francis is one of the "wicked prelates" (your term, not mine) so why in the world would he do anything about it. I agree that Pope John Paul 2 shares much of the blame for this mess because he made such terrible appointments but Voris does mention that this may have been because he was getting bad advice from his top assistant, Cardinal Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict!

  4. Blogger Unknown said...
    DJR The obvious conclusion (as you asked) could be that Pope Francis is one of the "wicked prelates" (your term, not mine) so why in the world would he do anything about it.

    My questions were rhetorical in nature to show the inconsistency in the thinking of people such as Mr. Voris, who refuses to come to the obvious conclusion.

    The "wicked prelates" term comes from Michael Voris.

    If all these bad things are happening in the Church... well, we have a pope. It's his job to put an end to them. If he doesn't, what does that say?

    To Mr. Voris, it says that the pope is being misled by those around him and he is unable to do much about it.

    To a thinking person, that is nonsense.

  5. Clearly this is Francis. It's why he was elected and he delivered. 98% of the time he makes no sense. He will go down a heretical pope.

  6. I think I remember reading that Benedict said that God "told him" to resign. Not necessarily a mystical experience, of course, but that he had clear direction nonetheless. Voris isn't very credible at all IMO.

    I'm also not sure that it's helpful to pit the two popes (Benedict and JPII) against each other. They were essentially joined at the hip for decades. I have read a lot of people saying that the pope is the head honcho and what he says goes and all he has to do is exercise his authority and whip people into shape and etc. etc... That sounds great for a fairy tale and all, but that's just not how real life works. Does anybody really think Kim Jong Un is in full control of NK? Or that a CEO rules the Board of Directors?

    It seems pretty clear that JPII gave up rather early in his papacy as he hit up against forces he couldn't defeat. I suspect the "rock star" persona was more about creating a means of holding the papacy, because I have no doubt that many wanted to whack him.

    Though FWIW, it seems to me that Benedict and JPII had drawn far larger crowds than Francis has. It doesn't seem like many people are even motivated enough to roll out of bed to go see Francis. I dunno... maybe that says something.

  7. Nothing wrong with Voris' analysis. He lays the blame at the feet of both St. JPII and Pope Emeritus Benedict 16 ,where, unfortunately, it should be. Should he go further like Athanasius? Absolutely! But, because his conscience (incorrectly, I believe) bids him not to to do this out of a false sense of Christian unity and not attacking the successor of Peter because of His promise of the gates of hell not prevailing.

    What Voris does not realize is that we've had evil popes before and that our duty is to help correct a Christian brother, ESPECIALLY *BECAUSE* he is the pope!!!

  8. Don't forget Pope "St." John Paul II's request for St. John the Baptist's intercession to protect Islam.

    "May Saint John Baptist protect Islam and all the people of Jordan, and all who partecipated in this celebration, a memorable celebration. I’m very grateful to all of you."

    There's that.

    We're still waiting for your admonition of Bishop Bergoglio of Rome. Didn't he invite an imam to pray at the Vatican? ..and prayed with the infidels at the Blue Mosque?
    This must be that elusive hermeneutic of continuity we keep hearing about. Continuity of revolutionary newspeak.

  9. Excellent analysis Julie!

    And excellent comment Patty!

    One other thing to think about...the biggest and strongest block against the abominations pushed at this sin-nod was the African Bishops as a group. You know who formed and nurtured the seminary system in French-speaking Africa from which many of these strong orthodox men emerged?...c'mon, you can say it.

    We owe the good Archbishop many thanks....for many reasons.

    AB Lefebvre....ora pro nobis.

  10. John Paul II had his faults. But he did the most good since Pius XII. Benedict had his faults, but he did much good as well, attempting the "hermeneutic of continuity" and the "reform of the reform."

    Bergoglio, however, is a different kettle of fish. We know he's an antipope for 101 reasons and more. What "good pope" would say the "prince of darkness," Cardinal Martini was his hero? What good pope would put pro-gay Bruno Forte, Baldisseri & kasper in charge of the synod on the family, dis-invite and demote Cardinal Burke, and dis-invited Archbishop Schneider after they defended Holy Matrimony last year? So we should not diss John Paul II or Benedict XVI. That creates more division and strife in the Church.

    But this Bergoglio, as an ex-Jesuit said in Argentina recently, "is a real "Piece of Work," who made a career down there of speaking out of both sides of his mouth and then saying one thing and doing another. By being part of a faction that broke the conclave canons, and by manifest heresy spreading Communism and Pro-Gay ideology, he is a manifest heretic and therefore antipope who should be indicted, deposed, and excommunicated. Oh yeah, he's already excommunucated according to UDG 81, among other canons which this coup d'etat violated.

  11. Susan,

    Thank you for making that connection between Archbishop Lefebvre and the African bishops.

    And thank you for understanding that rotten fruits have rotten roots. I'm just grateful that Archbishop Lefebvre followed the promptings to act when he did. Hind sight is always 20/20. And yet we still have those who persist in attempting to paint others as the villain out of habit.

    God bless!


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