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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Society is repulsed by wholesome families

Apparently, people in today's society are "put off" by the word "family".  

They are so put off by the word family, that Disney's ABC Family Channel is ditching the word and relabeling their channel the "Freeform Channel".  

Now don't get me wrong, I am happy Disney's ABC Family Channel is dropping the word "family" because they haven't been a "family" oriented channel in over a decade.  

But what is wrong with the word family?  It conjures up images of wholesomeness and traditional  family friendly programs that of course are repulsive to today's viewers.  

The network didn't listen to its, when they polled people who don't watch the network and got the following response (below) they decided to ditch their faithful viewers who were still hanging on and hoping for the good ol' days to return and instead listen to non-viewers who dislike the channel: 

The team polled cable viewers and found ABC Family fans had several positive associations with the channel, but target-demo viewers who did not watch the network were put off by the name. In particular, the word “Family,” which they associated with “family friendly” and “wholesome,” Ascheim said.

So people didn't turn to ABC Family because the word "family" was too 'off putting' for them to handle.  If the channel was called "ABC Fornicators" they'd probably tune in...but "family" was too off putting for them.  

That’s the nub of why we’re changing our name,” Ascheim said. “Like any growing business, we want to keep our core customers satisfied, but also add new ones – and they had a cliched sense of who we are. The word ‘Family’ sounds overly loud to their ears and that makes it a barrier to them coming into our ecosystem.” 
Huh?  What does "coming into our ecosystem" mean?  That expression conjures up a spider and its web to me. 

In researching a new name, Freeform accomplishes a few different goals the network was striving to hit. The name suggested content that could be viewed on different screens and shared and discussed in multiple ways (ABC Family viewers are big on social media). That viewers no longer just consume content but create it as well was a consideration too. And Freeform, ultimately, was a name that simply generated a positve emotion. “We wanted an emotional response to a name that made people happy,” Ascheim said. “We got an overwhelmingly positive response. Freeform sounds like fun.”

According to Disney's ABC Family Channel brainaics the new brand "Freeform" conjures up images of "fun" - not to me or many others it doesn't.  

As one person commented, "Freeform sounds like a feminine hygiene product", I completely agree.

Visions of "fun" don't pop into my mind when I see or hear the bizarre word "freeform", but am not their target audience.  

“For us, this doesn’t feel like a radical depature, this is an evolution,” ABC Family president Tom Ascheim explained to EW. “For the last 10-to-12 years, we’ve been targeting young people, Millennnials, and then something happened. Millennials started getting older. The oldest ones are nearly 40. So do we follow Millennials or stay with the ‘life stage’ that got us here?”

Being a Generation X'er I am too old for Disney's "Family Channel", but that's OK with me, because when Disney bought The Family Channel they got too raunchy and offensive for me to bother tuning in any more and I certainly wasn't going to allow my children to see the filth they were promoting as a "family" television channel.  

Check out their new promotional ad:

Did you notice the words they used? ABC Family declares they are "breaking free" and will no longer have "straight lines". They are now "free to take whatever shape feels right"- only that is what they have been doing since they bought The Family Channel from Fox.

Years ago, before Disney bought the channel and destroyed it with shows like "Becoming Us" (transgender show), "The Fosters" (lesbian family show), "Baby Daddy" (one night stand fatherhood), "Young & Hungry" (one night stand turns complicated 'love' story), "Greek" (nominated by GLAAD & the LBGT community as an "Outstanding Drama Show" because its so 'gay friendly'), "Pretty Little Liars" (lesbians) and "Monica the Medium" (occult), they used to have shows that actually appealed to families!

Shows like"Christy", "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", "Madeline", "Snowy River: The McGregor Saga" and "Higher Ground", reruns of "Bonanza", "The Rifleman" and "Carol Burnett". Those shows are too wholesome for a channel that targets warped dysfunctional 'families'. This target group probably breaks out in hives when reruns of "The Waltons" or "Little House on the Prairie" show up on their television screens!

Once Disney bought "The Family Channel" from Fox, the "family" turned from traditional family (1 man + 1 woman= marriage and children), to the word "family" taking on a whole new meaning...lesbians, transgenders, gays, one night stand parenthood and lots of fornication and adultery.

Reminds me of what is happening at the Synod on the Family right now.

Just what is a family?

According to the Catholic Church and tradition it is as it always was 1 man + 1 woman= marriage and children= a family.

Catechism: #2202 A man and a woman united in marriage, together with their children, form a family. This institution is prior to any recognition by public authority, which has an obligation to recognize it. It should be considered the normal reference point by which the different forms of family relationship are to be evaluated.

Today society has not only redefined what 'marriage' is they have also redefined what a family is.

Scary part our Catholic Church seems to be (if the reports coming out of the Synod are correct) following secular society's opinions just like Disney's "family" Freeform Channel.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


Disturbing Synod news:


  1. Oh, you're so antediluvian. This is the "family" of the future:

    God save us.

  2. To DJR: That is the sort of "family" that will be filling hell.

    Morons doomed to damnation by their own stupidity and lusts.

    They deserve the devil and the devil they shall have.


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