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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Serpents wearing vestments

I have started this blog article several times- my first attempts were surely sinful and would have landed me right back in the Confessional that I just left, so I am trying again.  

This weeks episode of EWTN's The World Over with Raymond Arroyo featured Cardinal Wuerl speaking of the Synod.  This was truly VERY difficult for me to watch.  I am not kidding when I say listening to this (in my opinion) deceitful evil man (yeah, I'm gonna call him that) conjured images of a forked tongue flicking out of his mouth as he spoke.  I was furious listening to him spread confusion and deceit and his outrageous refusal to give an answer to anything Raymond asked. *more on that later

Wuerl played word games and took Arroyo for a whirl around the dance floor several times.  Raymond gave a few feeble attempts to get a straight clear answer out of this serpent, but all he got was Wuerl using words like "crystal clear" when in fact all he said was clear as mud. Then Wuerl tap danced some more in an attempt to distract Arroyo from his questions. I don't know if it worked, or Raymond got tired of dancing.  I am guessing Arroyo knew this Cardinal had no intention of speaking the truth or answering anything honestly so he [Arroyo] gave up.

If you can stomach it, give it a watch: 

I am speaking here as a convert to the Catholic Faith.  I was a protestant for most of my life, living in all sorts of sin because people with the Truth didn't bother to tell me the Truth.  They kept it to themselves.  

Most of them would have happily or ignorantly allowed me to die in my sins while they enjoyed the Sacraments Christ gave to them through His Holy Catholic Church.  

They went to Confession and heard the words of absolution from their priests.  I was told by my Baptist preacher that I didn't have to confess my sins because Jesus already died for all sin and I had "accepted Jesus into my heart" so I was on my way to Heaven!  Praise the Lord!  

Had I died I would not have been on my way to Heaven.  I would have gone the other direction. 

To hear Cardinal Wuerl speak about walking with people IN THEIR SIN, and not telling them what sin is because it's not the "message" of Christ made me furious.  

Of course it's the message of Christ to REPENT and sin no more!  How can anyone repent if the Church refuses to tell people what sin is or that if they die in that sin they are going to Hell?  

He speaks of the persons "own conscience" leading them.  Well I can tell you my conscience was NOT well formed because I was not well informed on the Truth.  I couldn't make a well informed decision on Faith because I was ignorant of it!

Wuerl goes on and on (like Francis) about "mercy".  Well, I can tell you that I wasn't shown mercy by any Catholic who refused to share their Faith with me. To the Catholics out there (and you know who you are) who took the time to tell me I was wrong and my denomination was man-made and full of errors THOSE Catholics were loving and merciful.  They didn't want me to live my entire life in deception.  They wanted to share their Church with me.  They wanted me to have what they had. I will spend the rest of my life praying for those Catholics and thanking God for them because they didn't just lead me to the Truth, the Sacraments and the Holy Catholic Church, they brought my children too.  

If not for those Catholics, willing to fight with me, argue with me and not let me go on in children may not have been baptized.  To Baptists, baptism is done to teens and adults as "an outward sign of an inner change".  They don't believe anything happens- you're just making a public show of your declaration that Jesus lives in your heart- you've said the sinner's prayer or answered an altar call (funny since Baptists don't have altars). 

I am writing this for all the Catholics out there to tell you PLEASE DON'T KEEP YOUR FAITH TO YOURSELF! There are too many people out there like I was, who thirsted for the Truth but couldn't find it on my own. You will never know how your speaking up can change a persons life- for eternity.  

Non-Catholics have no idea of the depth of the Truth found in the Catholic Church. They truly have a very small concept of sin because of the limitless errors inside Protestantism. These errors have leaked into the beliefs of many Catholics too- think of all the Catholics who believe birth control, abortion and gay marriage aren't sinful. People are ignorant of the Truth and they are living in sin because of it.

Please don't leave them there.  

Their eternity and the eternity of their children and grandchildren may depend on you speaking up. 

These hate-filled evil men in the Church who wish to walk with sinners in their sin rather than tell them 'repent and sin no more' as our Lord Jesus Christ did are leaving people IN their sin.  If these people die in their sins not only will they jeopardize their own salvation but also the salvation of their families. Having a priest "walk with them" or beside them in their sin won't change their damnation. They must be told to repent and sin no more.  That is loving them, that is true mercy.

And since so many clergy now will not tell people that, you must. Don't be silent.  If you don't know what to say to share your faith, LEARN IT and tell people where to find information on the Internet or if they like to read suggest a book.  Books were a HUGE part of my conversion and they were sent to me by the box loads by a Catholic who spent years arguing with me over the errors I had once clung to. She wouldn't give up on me no matter how much I fought back (and it was years).  She could have walked away and washed her hands of me, but she didn't.  She is now my very best friend in the world and I thank God for her everyday.  She helped change my life and the lives of my children.  

When I think of her and then listen to the Wuerls in our Church speak about love and mercy and meeting people where they are...she met me were I was, but she refused to leave me there or to accompany me in my sin.  

The Wuerls in the Church are leaving people in their sin, to die and risk damnation for all eternity and they call it "mercy" and the "message" of the Gospel. They are speaking with forked tongues. Don't be deceived by these serpents, they are doing their father's will, not the Divine Will of God. 

"Repent and sin no more" is the message Christ gave over and over in the Gospel.  Listen to Him, not the serpents wearing vestments.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Well said!!!

    Please keep on saying it...

  2. Julie, you are a balm to my heart. I sometimes ache there so badly because I am assaulted by too many Catholics in name only who do not wish to hear the truth, but would rather live in their dream worlds (they look at me as if I were crazy).

    I need to hear from those like yourself who know the truth and will periodically remind us that we know that the others don't know and not only do some of them deny the truth but they do so while pretending to be faithful. Such travesties abound!!!

    Cardinal Wuerl is like too many other prelates who make me want to scream!!!

    Blessings to you.

  3. Thank you both for the comments and God bless you!

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  4. Excellent blog Julie!! Catholics must be reminded to help those who are in error, God knows there are many of our Prelates who WON'T!! The 'Catholics' in name only, or maybe those who have not been properly taught, are to be prayed for. Since Vat ll how many Catholics have been catechized at all? How many Priests actually talk about 'sin' and the consequences of such from the pulpit? How many actually have preached error from the pulpit? One of my kids called me from college and said that the Priest at the Neumann Center told them at Mass it was NOT AT ALL A SIN TO MISS MASS ON SUNDAY!! Said that was just an old fashioned idea that the Church has since come to a more 'mature' attitude about. The horror stories abound with stories like this that, thanks to these dissidents, are leading souls to hell. Let's face it, since Vat ll, there has been sometimes bad catechesis if any at all!! All in all it will be up to the laity to save the Church.

  5. I also watched the interview and if I could have reached through the screen I would have given the Cardinal a good shake. What he and others like him do is continue to change the language they use with no definitions. So anybody and everybody makes us their own. Since when he the language we use in the Church become inadequate to convey Church Dogma??

    Everything that came out of his mouth meant absolutely nothing. What a waste of time and energy. We wouldn't be the Church of Christ if we were not practicing mercy and compassion. Catholics are sadly lacking catechesis thanks to all those 'nuns on the bus.' Parish priests need to preach dogma at every homily and educate those in the pews.

  6. Sorry, I know it's something very serious, but I can't help noting how apt your description is of this dance-with-the-devil scene, Julie:

    "Wuerl played...took Arroyo for a whirl around the dance floor several times...Then Wuerl tap danced some more in an attempt to distract Arroyo...I don't know if it worked, or Raymond got tired of he [Arroyo] gave up."

    I laughed so hard, just looking at Arroyo's face. We faithful Catholics must have looked like that while following developments in the Synod. Unnerved, crushed and astonished! Wow, simply, wow!

  7. Well, once Cdl. Wuerl dumps the cuff links and the over-starched shirts, roses in his room, and candy mints on his pillow case, then maybe, maaaaybe, his speech will stop being nothing but "weasel words." You know, words and phases that create the impression of clarity, but are really ambiguous.

  8. Thank you for this blog and your posts, they give me solace that I am not alone. BTW, another Connecticut Catholic here!


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