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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Father William Barrocas: Lover of lovers?

**due to the offensive content, the images have been covered**

I just don't understand some priests on Twitter. 

For example, Fr. Barrocas tweets a "Happy Friday Love" tweet... "swinger" Miau Miau on Twitter: 

The image Fr. William retweeted his "Happy Friday Love" with is this: 

At first I thought his account might have been hacked so I looked around a bit... it doesn't appear to be hacked...

Fr. William seems to know Miau Miau.

This all certainly puts a new twist on Father's motto "lover of lovers"in his Twitter profile! 

Father William Barrocas Twitter:


In Christ, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Julie,

    This is not something you should be reposting and giving more attention to, nor is it funny. I came to your blog hoping to find some great Catholic content from a fellow Catjolic in Connecticut and instead of was greeted with obscene images posted by YOU. I would encourage to especially think of men who may come across your blog and are weaker of spirit when it comes to images of the flesh and how you may be perpetuating this sin. Not to mention the fact that you are essentially gossiping about this former priest. If you came across this on Twitter your only, and most influential actions, should have been to PRAY for him and NOTHING MORE. Please take these words to heart and not as an attack but realize that things that you post are seen by many eyes, possibly even children or good men and women who are struggling to keep their minds free of things such as this. God bless.

    Another Julie in Connecticut

  2. If his bishop is smart he is calling people from Father's old parishes and asking some pointed questions.

  3. Greetings 'another Julie in Connecticut'! Thank you for your comments. I have edited the photos to cover up the exposed offending skin on my blog. Can't say the same for Father on Twitter though...the tweets are still there. :(

    ~ ~ ~

    Greetings in Christ Dymphna. You have a point there. The whole thing is very...odd, to say the very least.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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