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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer request...

I was so sad to hear the recent news about Mr. Vennari. Please keep him in your prayers. 

From Catholic Family News: 

An important note from John Vennari
I had not yet intended to reveal this news, but today it was leaked on to another website. I am reluctantly compelled go public earlier than I had hoped.
On August 11 I received a grave prognosis.I have a cancerous tumor in my colon and the cancer has spread to the peritoneum. 
The only thing the cancer institute offers is chemotherapy. And even this is not something that will cure, but only contain it for a time. 
As I am not interested chemotherapy, I am now pursuing alternative/natural means under the guidance of competence medical personnel, including an MD.
I only mention this now because the news was sent out prematurely by a well-meaning individual who circulated a private email on the topic that ended up posted on a website. I had intended for this news to remain private for the moment. 
In any case, as time goes on, I will reveal more. 
The case is remarkably serious. I am keeping busy and staying upbeat. For now I've been feeling well.
The malady first manifested itself in the form of intense indigestion, something that does not necessarily send one running for cancer screening. Through a series of events, however, we received the diagnosis last week.
Saint Philomena has featured heavily in this drama in a manner I will perhaps describe in the future (look at the date of prognosis, the feast of St. Philomena). 
My family is making a novena to both Our Lady of Good Success and Saint Philomena. 
I ask you to please remember my condition in your prayers and get others to pray, including convents of nuns. 
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. 
John Vennari 

In Christ and praying for John Vennari, 

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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  1. I saw this sad news too Julie, earlier in the week. John is such a good and faithful servant, and has been a vigilant soldier of Christ in his fight for, and defending the truth in our Church. He and his whole family are in my prayers as well. Hopefully, with God's healing touch, he can be victorious in his fight for life and health!


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