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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Video from The Remnant...we've got a serious pope problem

I highly recommend taking a moment to watch this from The Remnant... 

If your eyes aren't opened to the truth about what is happening in our Church you need to take the blinders off. 

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God have mercy on us all. 

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


  1. Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm. It helps to invigorate me when I am feeling I am fighting alone. Unfortunately to many are willing to close their eyes and block their ears.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Off the rails down the embankment and into the river.
    Good, let's hope he's gone.

    It is just so bad now, there is actually less to say about it. What can be said when it is obvious the church and the faith are being torn apart and the job is almost done? You add this mess to the homosexual mess we have in the church, and you've got two great reasons to go into schism. Actually, we are already in schism, nobody has to declare a schism, we are in virtual schism. There are now two definite churches, one faithful and Catholic, one not faithful and Neo-Catholic.
    This pope is a Marxist-Peronist-maybe Freemasonic-maybe Communist-Protestant-Liberation Theology adherent, but he is not a Catholic.

    Now what.
    Lord, help us soon.

  3. I just don't believe this is really the Catholic Church anymore. It is the church of Vatican 2 where anything is possible.

  4. This is a BAD POPE......a VERY BAD POPE. We have had them in the past, and....we have one now, but I don't think we have EVER had one that was actually trying to DESTROY THE CHURCH! What to do? PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY SOME MORE! Try to find Parishes that are faithful to the true faith, the Dear Lord will help and the Blessed Mother will guide us. We need to pray with and FOR each other too! We are smack dab in the middle of 'The Storm', and I think it will get worse, before it gets better....maybe MUCH WORSE. They are now conspiring in Rome on how to 'change the Mass' to be more open and welcoming to our protestant brothers and sisters, as well as changing the sacrament of Reconciliation. (as if they didn't do enough damage with the New Mass!) Will any of it be valid? It doesn't look like it. But there are good priests out there that will not go along with evil. Lord, when the time comes, help us all to FIND THEM so that we can have valid Mass and Sacraments! We just can't get out of the boat! Pray for the Pope's conversion, and for the Holy Spirit to convict him, along with his dissident cabal. Pray for the Bishops and Priests to remain faithful to Christ and not to succumb to the EVIL that soon may be upon us no matter how they persecute them! PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY!!

  5. Oh and BTW, even Catholics who have been giving this Pope EVERY BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT for the past 4 years, are beginning to wake up. This is a good thing! Phil Lawler of The Catholic Herald who has tried to look on the 'good' side of him, now has an article, (I believe called) 'This Disastrous Papacy'. Worth the read. And Robert Royal of 'The Catholic Thing' is seeing the light as well. He is also on EWTN quite often with Raymond Arroyo in 'The World Over'. (I'm asking Mother Angelica to pull some strings:) He is waking up more by the day. We need EVERYONE to sound the alarm!

    Thanks Julie for doing such a great job as well!

  6. Thank you Julie for posting this as well as the Remnant. The two men who are friends when Francis was elected where originally happy about him. But for others like SS at One Peter Five and some Argentinians including me I was not happy about him I thought it was because I simply missed Benedict but as time went on there were other warning signs that he would be bad. When I found out that he was a Jesuit from Latin America I felt very uneasy. Later I kept hearing about how just one week after his election all the Progressives Liberals and Dissidents were jubilant about him many thought it was just WISHFUL THINKING on their part but as we heard not so long ago Leo Boff claimed FRANCIS IS ONE OF US. BTW AL was partially written by the late terrible Theologian Fr Bernard Herring. He was in favor of AL ideas.


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