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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Father Rosica won't dialogue with me...

...and I'm all broken up about it. 😉 I guess Father Rosica didn't like my post about him (HERE). So much for dialogue, meeting people where they are and building bridges. Clearly dialogue, meeting people where they are and building bridges only works if you're draped in a rainbow flag marching in parades and whining. 

What cracks me up is that Father Rosica thinks blocking my @CtCatholicCorner Twitter account accomplishes anything. Who only has ONE Twitter account these days? 😎 And if all my accounts were blocked or closed I could still see using my family members and friends accounts. You can't hide on social media Father, so put your big boy pants on and deal with it. 

The progressives in the Church today seem to be under the idea that they can silence the Catholic laity on social media. They can't. They can demand we stop using the word "Catholic" like they did to Michael Voris so many years ago, but that didn't silence Voris- it just made him more militant- hence the perfect name for his apostolate 'Church Militant'. I think they did him a favor as 'Church Militant' is much more fitting a name than his previous "Real Catholic TV" for the times we are living in. 

That said, the future for Catholic bloggers who voice their opinions on all matters Catholic may very well find themselves silenced in one media field as Deacon Nick Donnelly was when his bishop forced Donnelly to shut down his blog. So Nick popped back up on Twitter and continues to voice his Catholic opinions on social media. 

You will not silence us! And you only look like spineless cowards when you try. 

*FYI: Excellent article on Deacon Nick Donnelly over on Archbishop Cranmer website:
Quote: "It appeared, then, that Deacon Nick Donnelly was just a bit too Catholic for the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. For as long as Pope Benedict XVI sat upon St Peter’s Throne issuing the occasional motu proprio favouring the old paths (Jer 6:16), Deacon Nick’s commitment to immutable truths and infallible moral law were tolerated, not least because they chimed with the Vatican under Benedict, if not quite with the CBEW. But under Francis, the traditionalists appear to be on the retreat: they are sidelined or censored while those progressive Roman Catholics who advocate a more tolerant approach to priestly celibacy, same-sex unions, abortion or divorce and re-marriage are not merely tolerated but actively promoted.
Benedict XVI was a Catholic Herald kind of pope; Francis inclines toward The Tablet. Or at least that’s how it appears. Certainly, the Diocese of Lancaster isn’t averse to promoting the latter on its website, giving high profile coverage to liberal bishops who are calling for a “radical re-examination of human sexuality”, while downplaying (/ignoring) the traditional teaching.
For Deacon Nick, such a radical re-examination is unnecessary, unholy and un-Catholic. Indeed, for him it amounts to apostasy: such teachings do not ‘develop’ through synodical debate and legislative resolution, for that would incline toward the more heterodox Anglican view. No, if the Magisterium is infallible, its teaching must be protected and the Deposit of Faith defended. Dissenting bishops and cardinals must be called out, corrected and rebuked using Scripture and referencing the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Those who do not repent ought to be excommunicated."[clipped]
Back to Fr. Rosica on Twitter...
...I still see you Father. 😄

This is the same priest who a few years ago threatened to sue a Catholic blogger, Vox Cantoris Blog, for daring to voice his opinions on the failings of Father Rosica and other progressive Catholic clergy. 

Father Rosica lost that battle badly, but he didn't learn much from it as he still seems to be trying to shut down and block authentic conservative Catholic laity who speak out against the progressive agenda in the Church. 

Why bother blocking Catholic laity from your social media? What are you trying to hide Father Rosica?

What don't you want us to see?

In Christ and on social media whether the progressives in the Church like it or not

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



  1. Not that it always has to be about the Bear, but it sorta does, when you're a Bear. Somehow a certain very Catholic novel for grown-ups got blacklisted by mainstream Catholic media like EWTN. You see, we ordinary Catholics are not legitimate. How dare we set the agenda? Who knows?

    Maybe that was a great attitude when ordinary Catholics were a mob of illiterate witch-burners or one-bad-preacher-away-from-Albigensian protoheretics. Now it is a pure power play by the pros against some very savvy and faithful Catholics who are in a tug-of-war with them over the Ancient Faith.

    You are so right. They do not get PR. They think they do because telling the world what it wants to hear from a fairly unexpected quarter gets them some good worldly PR. The sad series of bland cookie-cutter Pope Videos urging everyone to be nice is their idea of clever PR. They would learn how clueless they are if they took a strong stand against the sin of homosexuality, or insisted upon the Church's unique role in salvation.

    This will not happen, certainly not in the Bear's lifetime.

  2. I would never let my kids hang out with Fr. Rosica on the altar like that.

  3. I would never let my kids hang out with Fr. Rosica on the altar like that.


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