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Saturday, July 8, 2017

This weeks surfing around the web...

Welcome to this weeks hodgepodge of what caught my eye while surfing the Internet. 

Rainbows and more rainbows...the hijacked rainbows that once reminded Christians of God's promise to the world, now mocks God with the mortal sin of homosexual acts being legalized and promoted around the globe.

First up, the gay orgies going on at the Vatican - I should say continuing at the Vatican. This isn't really breaking news as we've heard it before and certainly at this point no Catholic should be surprised by this...disgusted, yes, but surprised, no. 

But hey, what the hell...who am to judge? Right? Isn't that the prevailing attitude being spread by Pope Francis among the laity and clergy? When do we hear from the Holy Father about the fact that the Church has always taught homosexual acts are mortal sin that lead to the damnation of souls? Eternity in Hell is sort of a big deal right? Does the pope think so?

I can't help but wonder if or how Pope Francis judges these situations? Does he worry about these souls? Does he worry about the scandal they cause the rest of the world? The ripple effect it has on the gay community and their families who are taking their cues from pro-gay clergy pushing their progressive (progressing to hell that is) agenda and warping minds? 

Sadly, with Pope Francis, Catholics everywhere have to wonder: does Pope Francis care about these things at all?

We really don't know with this pope. 

Do the words of Christ to St. Catherine have any effect on our dear "Who-Am-I-To-Judge" Pope Humbleness himself? 

The sad story of the goings on at the Vatican...
Quote: "ROME—It all started with the usual complaints from disgruntled neighbors: funny smells, slamming doors, loud music, the sound of squeaky beds and laughter late into the night. In almost any other situation anywhere in the world, the angry neighbors would have confronted the noisy tenant, maybe left a mean note on the door or complained to the landlord and the matter would be settled.But this particular dispute occurred in one of the most prestigious addresses in Rome, the so-called Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, in the very apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith where Joseph Ratzinger lived for decades before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The palatial ochre-colored building is home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals who live within walking distance of their jobs at the Roman Curia in Vatican City next door.The fed-up neighbors were simply sick of what they described as a “steady stream of young men” who frequented Ratzinger’s former apartment, which had been given to Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, the secretary for Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, which busies itself with deciphering and clarifying various points of canon law. So they called the cops, in this case the Vatican’s elite Swiss Guard gendarmerie unit, when the noise and movida nightlife just got to be too much.The Vatican police showed up to find an orgy in progress, with an untold number of naked men allegedly writhing around the floor with Capozzi and his cohorts, who were apparently under the influence of hard drugs according to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano which broke the story that a host of Italian and international media have since picked up."


And in other gay Catholic news this week to mention...this is a good mention

Archbishop Chaput wrote an excellent article over at that everyone should read. He points out the error in heretic Fr. James Martin's approach to affirming all things LBGTQ without correcting the gay community or telling them they must stop sinning in gay relationships and convert to the Truth and live their lives accordingly and he uses Sacred Scripture to do it. 
Quote: Christians are always, in a sense, outsiders.  We have the joy and privilege to be a leaven for good in society.  That’s an exhilarating vocation.  It means working for as much justice and virtue in human affairs as we can.  We have a special obligation to serve the weak and the poor, and to treat even those who hate us with love.
But while we’re in the world and for the world, we’re never finally of the world.  And we need to understand what that means.
Writing in the mid-first century to “all God’s beloved in Rome, who are called to be saints” — and despite the dangers and frustrations he himself faced — St. Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek, for in it the righteousness of God is revealed …” (Rom 1:7, 16-17).
Paul’s Letter to the Romans became a key text of the New Testament.  The Church has always revered it as part of the inspired Word of God and incorporated it into her thought and practice.  The books of Scripture, even when they’re morally demanding, are not shackles.  They’re part of God’s story of love for humanity.  They’re guide rails that lead us to real dignity and salvation.
That’s a good thing.  Much of human history – far too much — is a record of our species’ capacity for self-harm.  The Word of God is an expression of his mercy.  It helps us to become the people of integrity God created us to be.  As Paul reminds us, we’re “called to be saints.”
Sometimes Scripture’s lessons toward that end can be hard.  But God cannot lie.  His Word always speaks the truth.  And the truth, as Jesus tells us in the Gospel, makes us free.  This is why Christians must never be ashamed of God’s Word – even when it’s inconvenient.
Which brings us to the heart of my comments this week.
In Romans 1:21-27, speaking of the men and women of his time “who by their wickedness suppress the truth,” Paul wrote:
“… for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened.  Claiming to be wise, they became fools….
“Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.
“For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions.  Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error.”
If reading that passage makes us uneasy, it should.  Many of Paul’s Roman listeners had the same response.  Jesus didn’t come to affirm us in our sins and destructive behaviors – whatever they might be — but to redeem us.  Paul’s message was as resented in some quarters then as it is now.  In an age of sexual confusion and disorder, calls to chastity are not just unwelcome.  They’re despised.  But that doesn’t diminish the truth of the words Paul wrote, or their urgency for our own time.
What we do with our bodies matters.  Sex is linked intimately to human identity and purpose.  If our lives have no higher meaning than what we invent for ourselves, then sex is just another kind of modeling clay.  We can shape it any way we please.  But if our lives do have a higher purpose – and as Christians, we find that purpose in the Word of God — then so does our sexuality.
Acting in ways that violate that purpose becomes a form of self-abuse; and not just self-abuse, but a source of confusion and suffering for the wider culture.  The fact that an individual’s body might incline him or her to one sort of damaging sexual behavior, or to another very different sort, doesn’t change this.
This can be a difficult teaching.  It’s easy to see why so many people try to finesse or soften or ignore Paul’s words.  In a culture of conflict, accommodation is always the least painful path.  But it leads nowhere.  It inspires no one.  “Fitting in” to a society of deeply dysfunctional sexuality results in the ruin that we see in so many other dying Christian communities.
In his recent book “Building a Bridge” (HarperOne), Father James Martin, S.J., calls the Church to a spirit of respect, compassion and sensitivity in dealing with persons with same-sex attraction.  This is good advice.  It makes obvious sense.  He asks the same spirit from persons in the LGBT community when dealing with the Church.  Father Martin is a man whose work I often admire.  “Building a Bridge,” though brief, is written with skill and good will.
But what the text regrettably lacks is an engagement with the substance of what divides faithful Christians from those who see no sin in active same-sex relationships.  The Church is not simply about unity – as valuable as that is – but about unity in God’s love rooted in truth.
If the Letter to the Romans is true, then persons in unchaste relationships (whether homosexual or heterosexual) need conversion, not merely affirmation.  If the Letter to the Romans is false, then Christian teaching is not only wrong but a wicked lie.  Dealing with this frankly is the only way an honest discussion can be had." [clipped]

The only "affirmation" anyone should need to know is that if you truly repent you are doing as Christ asked of us all. You are affirming your dedication to Christ in repenting of sin and turning yourself in a new direction to avoid sin to the best of your abilities. No one should ever be affirmed IN their sin as Fr. James Martin continually does. 

Christ is looking for our affirmation of living our lives for Him. That is what the Church should be teaching us about affirming one another in our Faith, not in our sexual escapades outside of marriage.  


In another Fr. James Martin story this week, the pro-homosexual priest is advocating for gay clergy to come out of the closet...because he thinks it will benefit the gay community to see how gay clergy can lead chaste lives...apparently he hasn't seen the Vatican gay orgies story! 
Quote: In the interview, the Jesuit priest and editor-at-large of America magazine spoke about his new pro-homosexual book Building a Bridge. He said the Church is beginning to shift its “approach” to homosexuals, thanks to Pope Francis.
“There are two reasons for this shift. One is Pope Francis. His saying ‘Who am I to judge?’ about gay people; his public meeting with Yayo Grassi, his former student who is gay, during his papal visit to the United States; his comments in Amoris Laetitia [which have been used to allow practicing homosexuals to receive Communion]. And the bishops who Pope Francis is appointing in the United States are much more LGBT friendly,” he said.
“The second thing is the increased number of LGBT Catholics who are coming out and making LGBT issues much more important for the church as a whole,” he added.
The interviewer asked Fr. Martin about his claim in his new book that there are “thousands” of homosexual clergy who have not “come out,” wanting to know why they keep their sexuality secret.
“Several reasons,” replied Martin. “One, their bishops or religious superiors ask them not to come out. Two, they fear reprisals from parishioners. Three, they fear it would be divisive. Four, they are private people. Five, they are not fully aware of their sexuality. And lastly, people have mistakenly conflated homosexuality and pedophilia, and so priests don't want to come out because they fear they'll be labeled a pedophile.”
Fr. Martin then agreed that it would make a “difference” in the Church if more homosexual clergy “came out.”
“It would help to show Catholics in the pews what a gay person is like and, incidentally, how gay people can live chastely. The great irony is that these men and women are living out exactly what the church asks of LGBT people — chastity and celibacy — and they are not allowed to talk about it. They are doing great work under a strange cloud that should not exist,” he said."[clipped]


Muslims groups in Malaysia and Indonesia are calling for a boycott of Starbucks over the chains support of LBGTQ support. 

These Muslims are not stopping there. They are working to get the business/trading licences revoked not only from Starbucks but also from Microsoft and Apple, other large companies that push the gay agenda on nations. 
Quote: "Malaysian group Perkasa called on its more than 500,000 members to stay away from Starbucks shops, and leaders of Indonesia's second largest Muslim group, Muhammadiyah, with about 29 million members, also denounced the chain.The groups are apparently reacting to comments made several years ago by former chief executive Howard Schultz in support of gay rights that drew renewed attention amid an increasingly anti-LGBT climate in both countries.Shares of the company that operates Starbucks in Indonesia fell this week but its stores in the capital Jakarta appeared as popular as ever."
Full article:


The final thing that caught my eye this week is a Vatican apartment up for grabs. 

Word of advice to Catholic clergy with homosexual tendencies seeing this ad, a 1 bedroom apartment advertised for 4 people is not a good idea for you and your brother priests to share. Avoid temptation. 

Apartment advertisement:

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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