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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible

OK, the title is kinda hokey but I like what this Bible will include. 

Ad quoteHow you’ll learn... 
*Color-coding for easy reference. Uses the popular Bible Timeline system that’s used by hundreds of thousands of Catholics to learn the Bible 
*Articles to help you understand the overarching story and important covenants that tie the entire Bible together. 
*Key event callouts to help you quickly identify important points in the Bible that ordinarily take readers a long time to find and categorize in their head. 
*Detailed charts giving a visual overview of important characters, key events, maps, major covenants, and historical context. 
*Newly Designed Full-Color Maps to help visualize Bible story locations.
Being a convert to Catholicism, I grew up using Protestant reference Bibles- I adored them because they taught about the people, places and background information about the stories in the Bible. Granted it was flawed because it was Protestant, but my point is, I always wanted more information for better understanding of what I was reading in the Bible - reference Bibles gave that to me. 

Now I'm thrilled to find a new Catholic "reference" Bible being published that seems to include all those things. 

Ad quote from Ascension Press
*A full-color Bible with a beautiful eye-catching design
*Each book of the Bible is color-coded with printed tabs, indicating where it belongs within The Bible Timeline. 
*Twelve Timeline charts provide a visual overview of the Bible, including: important characters, Key Events, geography, major covenants, world rulers, and contemporary events in secular history. 
*Twelve articles give a summary and explanation of each period of salvation history. 
*Seven articles introduce and explain the major covenants of salvation history, showing God’s amazing plan for humanity. 
*Seventy Key Event call-outs provide a brief description of the milestones in the biblical narrative. 
*Includes sixteen newly designed full-color maps. 
*The words of Jesus are printed in red. 
*Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition. 
*Granted an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat through the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis 
*Two ribbon markers.


In Christ, 

Julie @Connecticut Catholic Corner 

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