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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Have you read "Something Wicked" yet?

Considering the amount of emails I get from readers wondering what is happening in our Catholic Church today and from personal discussions with Catholics I want to share a link to a well written post by Steve Skojec called "Something Wicked".

I can't say if Mr. Skojec has it all right or not, but he's done a good job in my personal opinion of gathering assorted information and facts and quotes from popes and apparitions of Mary that take a look at the Church today and the future that awaits our Church and ourselves as Catholics.  It's a long read but worth it.  Consider the quotes he shares and take a look at the news about the Church today.  Then pray even harder for all our clergy and the Catholic faithful around the world.



  1. Read it last night. And again just now, including the com box.
    I'm another who has been feeling this big big big time since 2006, as I was coming back to the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. A dream that involved a battle encampment at dawn, in the fog, and males in battle gear, angels, striding with purpose excellerated my return to Holy Church.
    I could not put this story down. I knew I was not alone in feeling this, but to hear that others are "getting" that things are...excellerating, that was strangely calming.
    This can't go on much longer.

  2. This: "And one of the big picture elements coming into focus is exactly that: Catholics, by and large, don’t know what the Church teaches anymore. They would have no way of resisting an imposter who chooses to reign from the Temple of God if they were unable to identify his false doctrines. We are coming closer and closer to that level of desolation in the faith." I am in a two year program to learn more about my faith. In a discussion about gay "marriage," a man said he was going to be invited to a gay "wedding" and he was feeling pressured to go. The priest teaching the class advised him to possibly just attend the reception. Raising my hand, I asked, "If homosexuality activity is a sin, why would you go to the party that celebrates it?" The priest said, "Good point." Really? He never thought about this? And he's teaching a class on Catholic Identity. Lord, help us. The generals in this war have abandoned us to fight the battles poorly armed.

  3. Saw some incoming traffic from your link. Thanks for posting. Interesting times we're living in...


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