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Friday, March 21, 2014

How to use gay money to end being sued by gays

If you oppose photographing a gay ‘marriage’ you are sued.

If you oppose baking a cake for a gay ‘marriage’ you are sued.

If you oppose selling flowers for a gay ‘marriage’ you are sued.

If you oppose renting a 'wedding' site for a gay 'marriage' you are sued.

If you oppose lodging at your Bed-n-Breakfast to gay couples you are sued.

It doesn’t matter that these gays can go to dozens of other businesses to get what they want, they target you and sue you anyway. They do not care about YOUR rights.  They do not care about offending you.  They do not want 'tolerance' they want you to accept their unions regardless of your religious beliefs.  They demand you put THEM before your God. They do not care about anyone but themselves and their agenda.

What’s a person to do while the courts are sorting out whose rights will triumph?

What should and can you do IF a court has already told you that you must cater to these gay ‘marriages’?


Post it on your business door or put it in your contracts that ALL services provided to same sex couples will have a portion (or all) of the fees used to fight against gay ‘marriage’ and the gay agenda.  

Pick an organization that fights to end gay marriage to donate the money to and let these gays know they are paying for legal opposition to their agenda.

If these people know THEIR OWN MONEY will be used AGAINST them, they more than likely will take their business somewhere else.

If they still insist you provide a service to them, say “Thank you the (name the organization) appreciates your donation to fight against gay marriage!  Have a nice day now!”

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 

List of organizations that oppose gay marriage:

Pick one to send THEIR money to. :)

Other sources: 






  1. Why not charge extra and call it the Obama tax.

  2. Yes, I've been thinking along the same lines.

    However, donating the money is not sufficient to avoid cooperating in evil.

    I'd suggest that one does not offer "wedding" services, but rather "sacramental" services. That would require that both parties be baptized Christians and consenting to a sacramental union. Also, you can't entirely prevent (or even know) someone from buying just any cake or flower arrangement and using it in a same-sex ceremony, but neither can you do that for any kind of product that you sell. But you can avoid direct, intentional participation.

    I had also considered that one could require a "legal fee" deposit into escrow to cover costs for litigation, refundable after services provided and a waiver of satisfaction is signed. Say, about $10,000 for any gay couple based on the historical legal fees accumulated by vendors doing business with that class.

    Somewhere along the line, you can set up a bar of entry that is just too costly for a party to harass you. One just simply needs to start being clever.

  3. If you oppose selling a retreat house to become an inn for weddings and receptions including sodomarriages, you are sued--with the state attorney general filing a brief in support of the suit. See "Attorney General Martha Coakley supports gay couple in discrimination case against Worcester Catholic Diocese" at

  4. I didn't notice a link to the original author of this idea - here it is in case you overlooked it:

    Larry of Acts of the Apostacy blog

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Johnny and thank you for the comment. ;)


    Welcome Utubeo, I hear you on the 'cooperating with evil' but if a business doesn't keep the money and the law forces them what choice do they have? Close the business and lose their homes, stop feeding their children? This government is leaving us with less and less options to survive.


    Hello Tom and thank you for sharing another example of the evil gay agenda.


    Hello Terry, I have no idea if that person in the link is the 'original' author of the idea, I've been saying it since last May 2013 myself, but thanks for sharing anyway.


    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

  7. Yes Terry I know that, but that doesn't mean I get to everyone's blog to read them daily. I get to about 3 blogs on any given day. I never read that article or saw it or heard anyone talking about it. I wouldn't waste my time copying someone else, I've got a big mouth with lots of opinions of my own- in case you hadn't noticed.
    God bless.

    In Christ,

    Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


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