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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Has Michael Voris finally had it with Pope Francis?

Several Catholic media outlets and bloggers are wondering if Michael Voris is finally ready to admit we have a problem and its name is Pope Francis.

Over at “Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II” and “Mundabor’s Blog” the topic of Voris "finally seeing the light" is being discussed after a recent breaking news video from Voris in Rome.

From listening to Voris for years (Vortex+teaching videos) I personally believe Voris was as unhappy with Pope Francis as the rest of us from at least Holy Week [Voris has been VERY outspoken against women feet washing etc].  I’ve never spoken to Voris personally, so this is just my personal opinion from what I know of him through the Internet.               
What people have to know is that deciding to NOT publicly call out a pope is NOT the same as supporting all a pope says or does.  The message (months back) posted on Church Militant's website was clear.  Voris would not publicly rip apart the Pope, as he does with other Catholic clergy.  That was HIS line in the sand.  People need to respect him for that. 

How much HARDER it must be for him to keep his mouth shut if he feels as so many do about Pope Francis? 

I wouldn't put myself in that position of suffering (and believe me it WOULD be suffering for ME to keep my mouth shut!), but Michael did and I believe it was because he didn't want to cause panic among the faithful.  [Previous post I wrote on this HERE]

If HE, Michael Voris, caused wide spread panic through his Church Militant TV apostolate and he ended up being wrong, that would fall on him and he knows it.  Voris is not an idiot.  He is concerned not only with his own soul but the souls of others. He knows he has the ears of thousands of people through the Internet and  he decided to use caution and drew a line in the sand for himself.  I respect that.  I have no such patience or self control when it comes to the Pope [or anyone else inside the Church] and for that *I* may well spend a very long, long time in purgatory. 

Voris has thus far shown MORE concern for the Catholic faithful that a great many of our own Bishops have and certainly many Catholic bloggers- myself included.

I don't believe Voris is happy with much of anything coming from the Vatican these days - how could ANY devout practicing Catholic be?  And perhaps one day Pope Francis will go 'too far' and Voris will call him out on it.  If that day comes, it will be over a MAJOR INDISPUTABLE BLASPHEMY done -which we might all see in 2017 with the "celebration" of heretic Martin Luther and how the Pope (be it Francis or another) participates in that blasphemy.  I don't think even Voris would hold back in such a situation.  Time will tell.

Voris' videos this week clearly show he is exhausted, not just physically but I believe exhausted in the way a soldier is after years of combat – weary, but in no way finished fighting the battle.

I hope his “Retreat at Sea” revitalizes him because the Catholic faithful need more Michael Voris’s – especially in times like these.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner


  1. I agree. Have met Michael twice and he is what he claims--a lay man who loves the Church and is concerned with the salvation of souls. And his store of knowledge is incredible!

    We should indeed have more bishops with his sort of character.

    The mafia style (lacking murders I assume) of the running of the Vatican these days makes me sick. Oh, I guess it would be the lavender mafia.

  2. Voris is a coward. I don't care what excuses he uses to avoid criticizing the Pope. When I was in the Worldwide Church Of God cult led by Herbert W Armstrong, I heard similar reasons given for not criticizing Herbert. Voris is destroying his own credibility by refusing to say the pope has no clothes. He's more concerned about 'protecting' this man than he is warning the sheep who look up to him for guidance. BTW, 'brave' Michael removed that video where he reported on what Cdl. Burke said about the Pope. Wanna bet he will stab Burke in the back because he refuses to be a go along guy?

  3. Waiting a few days looks Iike a pretty smart thing for me to do. The other shoe has to fall, eventually. Because "someone" just might not like Church Militant News reporting on comments critical of the Pope.

    P.S. Now, I see Steve Dalton has posted above that Voris has removed that clip reporting on Cardinal Burke's comments critical of Pope Francis. Why? Cardinal Burke's comments were originally made to BuzzFeed News, and Voris simply reported on

    Besides, Cardinal Burke's comments didn't curse the Pope. So why all the hubbub?


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