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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Florida Iman: Out of compassion lets get rid of [gays] now

Politico decided to point fingers at Trump making him the center of the tragic shooting overnight in Florida...

...instead of the real center of these types of terrorist attacks.  Radical Islam.

In April, a Florida Iman spoke to a group of Muslim's telling them that "death is the only sentence" for LBGT people.  That it is "out of compassion" that Muslims must kill gays. This IS their teaching...

Why is THAT not the story here? You have a religious leader in Florida calling for the murder of gay people as the Muslim "death sentence" for gays and the media basically ignores it, but jumps on Trump for seeing radical Islam as the threat it is.  

Only liberals could be so blind.

Trump's twitter responses to the Florida shootings were spot on...

When people on Twitter began congratulating him for his insight into ISIS coming to the United States with lone wolf attacks, Trump responded with...


In Christ praying for the victims & their families,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 



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