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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Catholic surfing again...

  My insomnia strikes again and I find myself randomly surfing the Internet and reading email that usually fills my spam file when I should be sleeping. 

Realizing I haven't done a "Catholic surfing" post in nearly a year, I thought I'd put my annoying insomnia to use and write a post about the crap I find when I'm bored and online. Most of its terrible (perhaps this explains some of my insomnia?), but sometimes I find a gem among the rubble that sets things right again.

First up...the sad reality of a family who has decided to have a "non-first Holy Communion" celebration because the parents no longer believe in God, but don't want their child to feel left out of the celebration of all the children who are celebrating their First Holy Communion. 

There is nothing "wonderful" about an "Irish granny" (or any granny) laughing that her grandchild is skipping First Holy Communion to go to an adventure park while his friends are celebrating their First Holy Communion with Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist.  

This is the First Holy Communion card that was altered to remove "God" and "Lord" by the "Irish Granny" and grandfather then sent to their grandchild...

This is a tragic story, but this media outlet and Facebook find it hilarious and "just wonderful". Idiots. 


Now this IS "just wonderful"!  An Irish girl uses her First Holy Communion money to feed the homeless... 

For her full story go HERE


God help me with this next story...

Pope Francis recently met with "influential Youtubers". 

quote: "The conversation with Pope Francis... is the latest example of creators coming together to passionately advocate for issues they believe in, such as creating a more tolerant, empathetic and diverse web. During the meeting with the Pope, these creators raised topics they hope to continue exploring as YouTube role models, including how to counter online hate through tolerance, empathy and education."
Here are a few of the "influential Youtubers" Pope Francis met with who are considered "role models" for youth...
me going insane

This first video is not in English, but giving the finger is a universal language that I am sure even Pope Francis understands. Perhaps Pope Francis will explain how this guy is a "role model" for our youth?

This woman provides videos on how she takes a bath, moisturizes and applies make-up and dresses. Role-model for youth? "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" maybe? 

and a couples first attempt at a music video entitled "Cheap Thrills"...
 Ok, that's enough of that.


Moving on to Poland.  
When a Catholic priest said he supported a ban on abortion (that is he actually believes Catholic teaching and mentions it in his homilies), Catholic women got up and walked out of Mass during the priests homily. 

Guess they want their abortions more than they want Jesus.  Thus, making abortion their god by placing it before God and breaking the First Commandment along with the 5th Commandment [thou shall not commit murder]

That's it for now, I need a refill of black English tea. 

God bless and keep you.
In Christ and trying to sleep,  

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner 


1 comment:

  1. Dear Julie:

    That's quite a story, about the ladies who got up and left after the priest spoke common sense about abortion. It is interesting in that it always reminds me of Pope St Pius X and his efforts to combat Modernism in the Church 100 years ago. Already even then it had already been deeply entrenched. So the story about the gals getting up and leaving is, sadly, no surprise anymore.

    Regarding Modernism as the cancer that it is I posted a wonderful article on it by Arnaud de Lassus on my blog:

    All the best, and thank you for your excellent blog.


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