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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pope Francis Voter Guide 2016 elections

Just what we need, another progressive voter guide for liberals to push their anti-Catholic agenda's on stupid Catholics voting in this years Presidential election. 

This "guide" is a little different from the previous progressive "Catholic" guide because it is using Pope Francis as its source for [get this] "…a new community with new rules is established…hierarchies are subverted, concentrated power is decentralized, and prodigal children are welcomed home." 

Oh yes!  Out with the old (2,000+ years of Catholic teaching) and in with the new!  New things like the mortal sins of abortion and euthanasia are now equal with being poor!  Imagine that? Being poor is now a sin! 

**(On a side note: this reminds me of another article I highly recommend all my readers read on Pope Francis' latest comment that Jesus was stained with sin- click HERE to read)

Here is a quote from the Pope Francis Voter Guide:
quote: "In this new place of mercy, the last are first, the poor are blessed, and enemies are loved. Black lives matter here. LGBTQ lives matter here; and so too do the lives of refugees, the imprisoned, the unborn, and anyone else who suffers dehumanization, exclusion, and injustice…. Today, human dignity and life is degraded by racism, violence, abortion, war, the death penalty, euthanasia, human trafficking, torture, environmental damage, and poverty." 
To read more of this rubbish, go HERE

Just wondering...does Pope Francis approve of his name being used on a progressive Catholic voter guide that places abortion on the same level as "environmental damage and poverty"?  Again, just when did being poor become a sin? 

Will the Pope tell these progressives to "stop" or will he continue to allow them to use his name for such scandal?

In Christ,

Julie @Connecticut Catholic Corner 


Jesus stained by sin:

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  1. I don't think anyone is saying that poverty is a sin. However, poverty does kill. It actually is responsible or a contributing factor for thousands and thousands of deaths in the United States, and far more globally. The number of deaths related to poverty is more than the number of abortions. Furthermore, if you have read any recent scientific reports on climate change, you would know that damaging our environment also leads to death. As Pope Francis has spoken about, climate change is real and tremendous threat, especially to our most vulnerable populations. For these reasons, voting for policies that do not provide for the poor and that do not protect our environment are indeed sins.


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