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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The unofficial jubilee of women priests gathered in the shadow of St. Peter's dome

They just won't stop. 

They refuse to accept official Catholic teaching that women cannot now or ever be Roman Catholic priests.  They even believe that Christ's Holy Catholic Church has previously had female bishops and the talk of bringing back deaconesses has emboldened them.

quote: "All across the Mediterranean, early Christian frescoes and bas reliefs carry the names of women deacons and even bishops — such as Phoebe, Helaria, Ausonia, Euphemia and Theodora.
Yet in 1994, Pope John Paul II not only decreed that women are definitively excluded from the priesthood, he even banned all discussion of the topic.
Pope Francis broke that taboo last month when he announced he would create a commission to study whether women can serve as deacons as they did in early Christianity.
Seizing this new sign of openness, supporters of a female priesthood converged on Rome this week, to coincide with the Vatican's Jubilee for the all-male clergy."  
Can't happen.  But you can't tell tell these people, they refuse to listen or they are just too ignorant to grasp the reality of the Catholic faith. 

The "new sign of openness" is not about female priests, but rather deacons. Of course this can of worms translates as "stepping stone" to these people.

quote: "Panelist Jamie Manson, columnist and book editor at the National Catholic Reporter, said a female priesthood would be an important signal in a world where women suffer disproportionately from violence, poverty, lack of education and trafficking.
"Imagine if a church of one billion people, with this charismatic, rock star pope, suddenly said to the world, that women are equal to men," Manson said. "Imagine the power that would have over cultures across the world, where this patriarchal idea of women's subservience to men is at the root of all that women suffer globally."
Female priests wouldn't make any different at all to the "suffering" women in the world any more than female queens or presidents have. We live in a suffering world because evil is spreading its hatred and lies and ignorant people lap it up like dogs to vomit.  If these women truly wanted to help the suffering in the world they would devoutly practice the AUTHENTIC Catholic faith and spread that around the world as Jesus Christ commanded. 

But of course, some "Vatican official" received these heretics furthering their grand delusions, rather than correcting them of their heretical beliefs. 

quote: "There are some 150 women worldwide who function as priests, in defiance of the Catholic Church. They perform baptisms and weddings and celebrate mass in house churches.
But after Pope Benedict issued a decree in 2010, all those women were automatically excommunicated from the church.
Some of those pioneering women priests also came to Rome this week, and they scored another first.
Janice Sevré-Duszynska, who was ordained by a bishop in Kentucky in 2008, says she and another woman were received by an official in the Secretariat of State, one of the Vatican's top departments.
"We talked to a wonderful priest, we were able to give our letter to Pope Francis
our petition to lift our excommunciations and stop all punishments against our supporters as well as begin a dialogue with women priests," she said."

God give us authentic clergy who correct heretics in their error and spread the true Holy Catholic Faith to the world.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner



  1. I agree 100%, but it is just the latest example of this papacy's Church De-Construction, which has been pursued at every possible point in the last three years. To open up this can of ugly she-worms is just point blank unavoidably a slap in the face to the Catholic faith as far as teaching and tradition. Not to mention, for a person who worries so much about money, he certainly doesn't mind spending it when he wants to, because I'm sure studies like this, commissions, whathaveyou, cost a lot of pesos. This issue was settled, everybody knew it, the dissidents knew it, we knew it, Saint Pope John Paul II knew it, fini. Now, it's open. It's going to stir the pot, get it going again, aggravate some faithful Catholics, and nobody tell me that's not the goal, because at this point, all the evidence is there for anyone with eyes to see.
    Just another poke in the eye to faithful Catholics and the faith.
    Where's St. Malachy when you need him.

  2. According to Edward Pentin in “Women’s ‘Ordination’ Never, but Dialogue With Vatican OK” in the June 3rd National Catholic Register ( ), there is the possibility “that the the Vatican could come up with a reason to lift [the excommunication of ‘ordained’ women] such as claiming … that some of those involved are ‘not really against the Church’s teaching’ or that ‘it’s a “matter of interpretation’” and continue “dialogue” with them but not yet granting them a “mission” or faculties – similar to the manner in which Pope Benedict XVI acted (and Pope Francis has continued) with the Society of Saint Pius X.

  3. "...They refuse to accept official Catholic teaching that women cannot now or ever be Roman Catholic priests."

    Why should they accept official Catholic teaching? Since VII,ambiguity has been used to pencil in novelties - like the assertion that Muslims worship the same God as Catholics or that our Jewish brothers and sisters have no need of conversion.

    So what's new?

    This is a post Catholic age, Julie, wherein the latest shenanigans of AL and women priests is triumphant. Not in official doctrine. Oh, no. But in the exaltation of ambiguity established supposedly for the benefit of the Church and her leadership - yeah.

    Much like it was determined that the Truth must be crucified for the "good" of the Jewish nation. So refasten that safety belt and understand that we're on the Via Dolorosa. Those who choose to can follow Christ, digging in their nails to hang on to the cross and those who choose to hide will have to spin quickly to avoid the lash. But begging questions? Sorry. Time for that is over.

    Francis is just the "fruit" of long standing policy that's just gotten bolder as those who refused to jump off the cliff at Satan's behest, but chose to climb down while grasping at what vines they could to keep from plummeting are cast as faithless cowards. Francis, perhaps by God's decree, much like Caiaphas who prophesied the death of Christ, chooses to boldly let go like some sick circus act. Faith? Presumption? We shall see. I believe he is on record saying he's been blessed with a certain oblivion. Holy Valium?

    It's anybody's guess. But there's no doubt that the Church is following Her Spouse - Truth. Being spit upon, derided, and disowned by those in a position of authority.

    God help us!


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