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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Anti-Catholic Hatred Answered

In response to my blog post: Anti-Catholic Hatred: Pure and Simply Sad
I received the following comment by an anonymous reader: "Perhaps by reading "Fifty years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy and "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop, you may better understand those who hate the RCC. I love Catholics, but not the church I see as a false church. This is understandable by Catholics who hate what they believe to be false churches, isn't it? Read those you think you will disagree with, or you are destined to never grow beyond your borders."
First I'd like to say, thank you for sharing your views. And I'd like to ask what you find "false" about the Catholic Church? Now to address your comments. I do understand those who hate the Catholic Church, as I hear from them daily and have read their books and seen their anti-Catholic hatred displayed on television. I came from Protestantism. I am not a "cradle Catholic". I am a convert. It was by reading books that disagreed with my Baptist upbringing that I began to see the holes and errors in Protestantism- and they are extensive. So you are correct in stating that if one does not open themselves up to things they disagree with that they will "never grow beyond their borders". Very true indeed, else I'd still be Baptist! Prior to my willingness to read about the Catholic faith from Catholic authors (not anti-Catholic propaganda that so many anti-Catholics cling to) and all of Christian history in general, I had read things by biased Protestants who were clueless about the Catholic faith. They thought they knew what Catholics believed but they didn't. They wrote on assumptions and taught those assumptions as truth and it was all wrong and some outright lies. I read things by conservative evangelicals who would only support the faith I knew and not open me up to the full truth of our Christian history. But being the curious sort, I read and read then I read some more. I dug deeply into Christian history and early Christian writings-fascinating, I highly recommend those readings. To open myself up to that, was to stop being Baptist. I had been willing to seek out the Truth where ever it was and our loving and merciful God showed me the Truth I had been seeking. I found one error after another in Protestantism and in my search for the truth God led me right to the Roman Catholic Church. His full Truth. I was not born Catholic, but I will die Catholic.


  1. What the heck is anti-Catholic? Catholics have hijcked USA policy in East Europe, Rwanda, Timoor, Phillipines, Vietnam. They were responsible for slavery (Roger Taney, John Wilkes Booth) and the socialist labor movement and corrupt politics (Tammany, Daley). They have spread bigotry and government casuistry everywhere. They never hesitated to spread their bigotry. It is not racism to say this. Catholicism is a choice.

  2. Catholicism was responsible for slavery? The British Empire, the most extensive colonial empire in history, and Protestant I may add, also brought a great deal of slaves to The New World.

    The original socialist movement within US borders, at least as it existed in Christian circles, was begun by Protestants I am a Protestant as well). Additionally, they were quite outspoken in their intentions to forcibly convert Catholics and Jews via the creation of a government-enforced education system. Please read the following article below for a detailed explanation:

    The Progressive Era and the Family [by: Murray N. Rothbard]


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