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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catholic Programs: In- Protestant Programs: Out

Kudos to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford and their radio station WJMJ-FM for the decision to remove Protestant programming on this Catholic radio station and replace it with Catholic programming- who would have thought real Catholic programming on a Catholic radio station? Previously the station was dominated by 80 percent Protestant programming with only 20 percent Catholic programming. Doesn't sound much like a Catholic radio station did it? First and foremost a Catholic radio station should be (now here's a concept): Catholic! With the removal of Protestant programs, WJMJ-FM has brought in the worldwide known Catholic network EWTN to bring us Catholic programs and share our Catholic faith on the radio. With the removal of Protestant programming also comes disappointment for some, a lot of whining and of course some slamming of Catholics, our Church and our faith. You don't believe me? Check out some of the newspaper forums where articles on this topic have been printed. I get that some people have enjoyed listening to certain shows for many years and now they will be missed but come on! Look at it from a Catholic view point. We want to hear OUR faith for a change on OUR Catholic radio. There are several Protestant radio stations in Connecticut and NONE of them will produce Catholic programs. Can you imagine the uproar people would have if say Middletown's WIHS Christian radio station prayed a rosary on the air? Or how about WFIF Life Changing radio station airing a show about how Christ instituted Saint Peter as the first Pope of the Catholic Church? Think you're going to hear any of that on a Protestant radio station in anything but a negative light? Not very likely, as these Protestant radio station programming lists indicate. And some Protestants would be up in arms over it. Over what they consider untrue and erroneous theology. Some even consider it blasphemy. They wouldn't like it at all, as is their right. Well guess what folks? Some Catholics didn't like being subjected to 80 percent non-Catholic programming either. It's a Catholic radio station and we should be able to rightly assume we will hear Catholic teachings, views and beliefs on it. Now the music for the most part on any of these radio stations is universal to all Christians. Some like more contemporary Christian music, and other's the more traditional hymns. Taste's vary, but usually we can all find common ground in Christian music. So on that note, many Protestants will still be able to enjoy WJMJ-FM, while Catholics who hunger for inspiring Catholic program's supporting their faith can also enjoy the new change at WJMJ-FM.

To find WJMJ-FM on the radio go to:
88.9 FM in the Hartford area,

93.1 FM in the Hamden area,
and 107.1 FM in the New Haven area.

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