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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What the heck is anti-Catholic?

This anti-Catholic topic seems to have caused a stir with some, good. That way it can be discussed and clarified so that falsehoods about the Catholic faith will no longer be spread as truth. Here is a reply I got from my post "Anti-Catholic Hatred Answered": "What the heck is anti-Catholic? Catholics have hijcked USA policy in East Europe, Rwanda, Timoor, Phillipines, Vietnam. They were responsible for slavery (Roger Taney, John Wilkes Booth) and the socialist labor movement and corrupt politics (Tammany, Daley). They have spread bigotry and government casuistry everywhere. They never hesitated to spread their bigotry. It is not racism to say this. Catholicism is a choice."
My response: I need to clarify a misunderstanding the writer seems to have by listing these people who have gone against Catholic teaching. When I say "anti-Catholic" I am referring to people opposed to official Catholic TEACHINGS or what they think the Catholic Church teaches. As with all religions there are members who do not follow the official teachings of their faith as this person points out. But you certainly can not lay the sins of individuals at the feet of the Catholic Church who is correctly teaching. Each person has a free will and if the person rejects the teachings of their faith they are not representing that faith, but their own free will, as the examples given show. There are "bad" Catholics, as there are "bad" Muslims or "bad" Baptists or "bad" Methodists etc. If you have an issue with the official teaching say so and let's discuss it but please don't make the mistake of thinking every Catholic is a shining example of their faith. I know that I don't look at Fred Phelps and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church as shining examples of Baptists, do you? Do their actions define the entire Baptist denomination to you? I should hope not.
Now about the slavery comment, the Catholic Church opposes slavery and fought against it, most especially here in America.
"The Catholic Church was the very heart of Christendom and the spirit that radiated from her penetrated into all the relations of life. Catholicism laid the very foundations of modern civilization. Herself the most admirable of all organizations, there was formed beneath her influence, a vast network of organizations--political, municipal and social--which supplied a large proportion of the materials of almost every modern structure. In the transition from slavery to serfdom, and in the transition from serfdom to liberty, she was the most zealous, the most unwearied and the most efficient agent." by Lecky, "History of Rationalism," Vol. II, pp. 31-32. And...
"There can be no doubt that the Catholic Church struggled resolutely against the great vices of the social state--against slavery, for instance. These facts are so well known that it is needless for me to enter into details." by Guizot (a French Protestant), "History of Civilization," Lect. VI.
I do not know what "bigotry" you are referring to. The Catholic Church has been a victim of bigotry right here in the United States. Look at the history of Catholics in America and see the rights denied to Catholics. Catholic parents were forbidden to teach their Catholic faith to their children and those children could legally be taken away from them just because they were Catholic. Priests could not preach legally without fear of being arrested. Read the history of the state of Maryland some time. Ever heard of the "Know Nothing" political party? Look them up sometime to see what Catholics have endured in American History. Anti-Catholicism is alive and well even today as current FBI reports show (see below). This anti-Catholicism has existed from the founding of this country and still spreads today, though since the 1930's and the decline of groups like the KKK it has somewhat diminished compared to the days prior to the 1930's when it flourished in this nation and Catholics lived in terror.
The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and entrusted to spread the Gospel to all nations and she has worked to do that for over two thousands years and she will continue to do so until the Second Coming. I hope I have addressed your comments, thanks for sharing your thoughts even though we hold differing views of this issue.
For anyone who thinks anti-Catholicism is not real, may I suggest reading this FBI report on the issue;
Hate Crimes Against Catholics Show 33% Increase in 2006
November 20, 2007
According to USA Today, the latest FBI data shows that in 2006, there was an increase in the number of hate crimes motivated by bias against religion. While hate crime against people of faith in general shot up 19% from 2005, the increase in hate crimes against Catholics increased by approximately 33%. (The increase for crimes against Muslims and Jews was 22% and 14%, respectively.) Anyone wishing to read the full report may do so by visiting the FBI's website at
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  1. "Look at the history of Catholics in America and see the rights denied to Catholics. Catholic parents were forbidden to teach their Catholic faith to their children and those children could legally be taken away from them just because they were Catholic."

    And the opposite took place in Europe, where non Catholic children - jewish mainly - were kidnapped, baptized and given for adoption to Catholic families.

    Today, the Catholic Church tells Africans to not use condoms because they were "contaminated with AIDS by the evil pharmaceutical companies" (no, it's not an urban legend). As a result, millions of Africans die of AIDS every year.

    I know you're going to censure me, but that's ok - you had to read this first in order to censure it. ;-)

  2. I'm sorry Anonymous but you need to check your facts. To say that Jewish people were kidnapped in Europe by Catholics is total hearsay.

    The Catholic Church is against condoms because it goes against the teachings of the church. It doesn't have a thing to do with pharmaceutical companies.

    Please question as much as you like but be sure to educate yourself first. As Bishop Sheen once said "I don't know anyone who's against the Catholic Church, but I do know many people who are against what they erroneously believe the Church to be."

    Check your facts.


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