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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Come on Connecticut, VOTE YES to Question #1 for THE PEOPLE!

Some people have questioned the Connecticut Catholic Conference for asking Catholics to "Vote Yes" on question #1 here in Connecticut. This does NOT violate ANY laws as it does not oppose or endorse ANY person for anything. Voting "YES" on question #1 merely takes the issues TO THE PEOPLE of Connecticut to vote on instead of letting a few politicians decide these issues for us. If you vote "yes" and our state has a constitutional convention then all these issues will be given to us, THE PEOPLE to decide what we support or oppose. THAT is democracy folks. Let the people decide. Let the people have a voice here in Connecticut. THAT is what voting "YES" for question #1 means, it means WE THE PEOPLE get to decide the issues, not a few politicians.
According to the IRS regulations, the Catholic Church (nor any church), can not endorse or oppose a political candidate, but the Catholic Church is free to support or oppose ANY issue oriented ballot question. That is perfectly legal.
If you vote "yes" to question #1 you give THE PEOPLE the right to decide these issues in Connecticut. If you vote "no" to question one, you give a few politicians the right to decide the issues for all of Connecticut and you silence The People. That is a shame and should not happen. Please vote "YES" on question #1 and let's hear THE PEOPLE of Connecticut decide these issues. It's our state, it doesn't belong solely to a few politicians.


  1. It's funny. You had my support until I saw the Obama spread the wealth comments on this page. Not smart. It kind of shows from where you come.

  2. For a Christian, you seem rather bitter and judgemental.

    How much money is Question 1 going to cost taxpayers to implement? How many people will it hurt?

  3. No, you don't get it. You're pretty ignorant.

    I'm voting NO on question 1.

    Thank you very much.


  5. My family and I will be voting yes on question 1. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue.

  6. You need to get your facts straight. I'm doing the right thing and voting NO on question one.

  7. The US is a representative democracy, meaning that politicians are elected to represent the people and seek the country's best interests. Imagine if the changes of the Civil Rights era were put to a national, public referendum. Little would have changed. The public majority does not always know what's best, ethical, or advantageous in the long run. Similarly, issues such as marriage rights for homosexuals in CT and alterations in environmental protection laws are just an example of issues in which the people's occasional shortsightedness should be guarded against. Our Founding Fathers created a governmental system which would allow for tempered and civil debates, something a Constitutional Convention would stampede over. Vote for those politicians who you feel best reflect your interests, but let them make the final say. Let them do what we elected them to do. And most importantly, Vote No on Question 1.

  8. Any who calm to be christian, and votes for Obama, really needs to to check them selfs, he is so not going to put righteous juges on the suprem court, he is the most liberal, and the worst thing that can happen to tihs country. Not to mention he has NO EXPERIENCE..

  9. Your little side bar on "redistributing the wealth" is typical of the mean-spirited, narrow-minded thinking and distortion antics we've all come to recognize from certain factions in this campaign, and that we have come to shake our heads at in disgust. That's not what Sen. Obama meant -- and you know it. Fair payment of taxes is just that - fair. The multi-millionaire pays taxes out of surplus wealth; asking him to kick in a few bucks more to help build our bridges and schools is peanuts. The couple with three kids making $40,000-$60,000 rightfully pays taxes too, but for them, those taxes are dollars are cut out of the family lifeblood - dollars that would otherwise go toward food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, or other family needs. No one is saying," absolve the working and middle class from paying taxes," nor "steal Mt Trump's wallet." "What's being said, is, "Let's be fair." Now let's see if you'll publish this.

  10. FYI: the side bar "spread the wealth" was seen in a newspaper and then reported on television media such as CNN and FOXnews. It was also sent out in mass email as well and that is how I got it and shared it in the side bar as indicated.
    It's a story told in the media and I shared it here on my blog like I do assorted other things. That's my free choice. :o)


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