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Monday, November 3, 2008

Question #1- what does it mean?

Some people still don't understand what question #1 is all about, as "anonymous" demonstrates for us today:

Anonymous writes: "what are you on? "the people" do not decide anything in a Constitutional Convention. citizens have no say in what is proposed and and they do not get to vote on amendments to the constitution - everything is done by special interest groups. you should learn a little bit about these things before copy-and-pasting from lobbyist-approved websites."

My response: First of all, the only thing I am on, is my swivel desk chair. Secondly, the people DO get a voice in these issues, it's called REFERENDUM, ever hear of that? Seems it is you "anonymous" who needs did you put it?..."learn a little bit about these things" before you leave comments such as yours. So let me help you out with that!
Here is how the University of Connecticut Law Professor Justin Long puts it to WFSB news:
"But Long said all a "yes" vote actually does is allow lawmakers to pick delegates and tell them when to start a convention. It's the delegates who decide what issues to change -- if any at all -- he said, and then a statewide vote determines if the changes become the law of the land."
Our Connecticut Constitution demands that question #1 be put on our ballot every 20 years. No lobbyist group came up with this idea, it's part of our constitution and has been.
And last but not least I have never been to a lobbyist website in my life, nor do I copy and paste from them, I write my own words and thoughts on this blog.
Now that you've learned a few things about question #1 and myself, I hope you will put this new found knowledge to good work and vote YES! to question #1!

May God bless you greatly and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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