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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CT vs CA: Gay marriage & ban on gay marriage reactions

Today gay "marriage" becomes officially legal in Connecticut, making Connecticut the second state to make gay marriage legal (since CA voters tossed it out of their state). We, the people, weren't asked our opinion. In Connecticut the courts have decided this (by a very slim 4/3 decision) issue for the people, in California the people decided and said loud and clear "No way!" to gay marriage for the second time (this came up several years ago and the voters said "no way" then too). The biggest difference we see from both sides of this issue is the reaction from the outcome of these events in Connecticut and California. Here in Connecticut those upset with the court ruling have peacefully vowed to not give up the pursuit of their cause in banning gay marriage in this state. There are no riots, no pro-traditional marriage groups spitting on people or assaulting them here in Connecticut. Now lets look at California and see how the hostile mob, upset with the outcome of the election and vote on Proposition 8 are reacting.

There have been riots, spitting, shouting, swerving cars at crowds of people including children standing on curbs (see the link below to more on that story) and threats coming from gay marriage supporters. The little old lady, Phyllis Burgess, in the video had her cross ripped out of her hands and stomped into the ground, while gay marriage supporters spit on her and screamed in her face "GO HOME!". The news reporter Kimberly Chang (who if you listen closely tells one protester she feels she is being attacked by the angry mob), with Phyllis Burgess tried desperately repeated times to talk to her and do a news report but the gay marriage mob became so threatening and nasty she couldn't even talk to the elderly lady. Reporter Kimberly Chang asks Phyllis Burgess if she is ok or not, but the crowd is screaming so much you can't hear the elderly woman's response. What I find astounding in the news clip, is that at the very end, the news host says there is "a lot of hate on both sides". What?? What "hate" was the little old lady demonstrating by walking with a cross on a public sidewalk? There was nothing hateful about "both sides", only ONE side demonstrated their hatred and intolerance and bully tactics. One side was so hateful they assaulted and bullied a little old lady walking with a cross to voice her opinion. They also bullied the news reporter and refused to allow her to do her job and interview Phyllis Burgess. Apparently only gay marriage supporters are allowed to voice their opinion on public streets in California without the risk of assault and harassment.
So where's all the "tolerance" this crowd was preaching about prior to the election? They (gay marriage supporters) said before the election to "let the people decide" and now that the people have decided they want to yank that away from them and void out the voters voice in the election. They only want "tolerance" when it's for them and their views. The moment you voice an opposing view you are attacked verbally and in some cases physically assaulted. I heard this morning on FOX News that Phyllis Burgess is seeking to press assault charges on those in the video to shoved her, spit on her and destroyed her cross. Good for you Ms. Burgess!

Here's a few quotes from Catholic News Agency reporting on other acts of violence and harassment from gay marriage supporters (link to article below).

"While both supporters and opponents of the measure honked their horns, he [Paul Bishop]wrote, “the way to tell the difference is the No On 8 supporters usually accompanied their horn honking with an obscene gesture or a string of obscenities. They also liked to swerve their cars toward the children on the curb.”

“The late local news showed scenes of several Hispanic females in tears outside the temple trying to remove the signs desecrating the walls and fences surrounding the temple. As these individuals – who according to a temple spokesperson were not church members – removed the hate-filled signs, the mob exploded and began beating the individuals to the ground,” Bishop wrote in Meridian. “Police intervened and arrests were made, but the fact this was allowed to happen at all was appalling.”

Link to source & full report:

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