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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EWTN Press Release: Special Programming

End of the 'Year of Faith';
Living With An Incurable Disease;
Why God Allows Suffering & More

Irondale, AL – What was the first order to provide hospice care to those diagnosed with terminal cancer? It was the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, founded by Catholic convert Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, daughter of Author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Find out more in the “Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne” documentary, which airs at 6:30 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Nov. 19 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
The first episode of this EWTN original five-part mini-series “Serra: Ever Forward, Never Back” airs 9:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 20 and 7:30 p.m. ET, Sunday, Nov. 24 on EWTN. Witness the events and the people who formed Blessed Junipero Serra from the time of his birth in Mallorca until he set sail for the New World in! Find EWTN at
What does it really take to be a missionary? Catholic high school students get a dose of reality on a trip to the Canadian Yukon. Learn more in the one-hour special, “Ends of the Earth.” Airs 2 p.m. ET, Thursday, Nov. 21 and 5 a.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 23 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Society often ignores or shunts aside people with special needs – but the Catholic Church does not!  Don’t miss this special live 90-minute “Mass in Thanksgiving for Those With Special Needs” celebrated by Father Fernando Isern at St. Patrick in Miami Beach. Airs 5 p.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 23, with an encore at midnight ET. Find EWTN at
The Year of Faith is coming to a close! Thank the Lord for all He has done for you this year as Pope Francis celebrates “Holy Mass for the Closing of the Year of Faith.” Airs live at 4:30 a.m. ET, Sunday, Nov. 24, with an encore at noon on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Parishes across the U.S. will celebrate the closing of the Year of Faith this weekend. Don’t miss the Closing Mass of the Year of Faith from Christ Cathedral campus in Orange, California. Airs 3 p.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 30 on EWTN.
What would you do if you were diagnosed with an incurable disease? Find out what a young father of four learned after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in this candid interview conducted by “Catholics Come Home” Founder Tom Peterson. You’ll be amazed at what the father’s faith can teach you about living the life God has given you. Airs 5 p.m. ET, Sunday, Nov. 24 and 11 p.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 30 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
If God is all loving, why does He allow suffering? It’s an age-old question. Get some answers in this one-hour episode of “Dogmatic Theology – The Problem of Suffering” with Fr. James Mallon. Airs 5 a.m. ET, Thursday, Nov. 28 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Are you thinking of becoming a deacon or do you want to understand more about the role of the deacon in your church? Then don’t miss Episode #1 of this five-part mini-series: “Christ the Servant: The Vocation of Deacons.” Airs 3 a.m.ET and 6:30 p.m. ET, Monday, Nov. 25 and throughout the upcoming week – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Can you believe it’s Advent already? Start it off right. Don’t miss Pope Francis’ celebration of “Vespers for the Start of Advent.” Airs 11:30 a.m. ET live, Saturday, Nov. 30 with an encore at 6 p.m. ET on EWTN. Find EWTN at
The persecution that the Ukrainian people suffered at the hands of the Communists is almost unimaginable. That’s why the re-opening of the seminary in Lviv meant so much to the Ukrainian people. Don’t miss their touching story, “Rebuilding the Faith – Ukraine – Lviv Seminary.” Airs 3 a.m. ET and 6:30 p.m. ET, Friday, Nov. 22 – exclusively on EWTN. Find EWTN at
It’s hard to overestimate the impact of the Second Vatican Council on the Church and the modern world. Find out more about its historical, theological and cultural impact in “Concilio Vaticano II – The Second Vatican Council.” Airs 7:30 p.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 23 on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Mozart’s C Minor Mass, also known as the “Great Mass,” represents the peak of artistic achievement in 18th Century sacred music. Hear it performed in the original Latin at Knight’s Hall in Wolfegg, German. Airs 1:30 p.m. ET, Sunday, Nov. 24 on EWTN. Find EWTN at
Don’t miss “The Joy of Music” this week as Host Diane Bish features music for the Thanksgiving season! Hear favorite hymns from the Pilgrim Fathers Church in Leiden, Holland and the Stadtkirche in Celle, Germany with the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. Airs 6:30 a.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 27 on EWTN. Find EWTN at
If you missed the fabulous Italian film “Santa Barbara” when it first aired on EWTN, here’s your opportunity to see it for the first time – or to see it again. Beautifully filmed and acted, this film is a cinematic look at the saint who became a Christian and suffered martyrdom in the early Church. Airs 8 p.m. ET, Saturday, Nov. 20 on EWTN. Find EWTN at

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